Essential oils for animals: what you need to know

I can’t believe it’s been nearly five years since I toured Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary in England. It’s one of my sister Kathleen’s SARA sanctuaries, and she’ll actually be teaching equine Reiki classes there again next month. (Click here for info on attending!)

Caroline Thomas, one of Remus’ dedicated volunteers (and now a friend of mine), was sweet enough to take me on a tour that day to meet the animals. Caroline is not only a SARA teacher, but also the owner of Hoof and Paw Holistic Therapies and an expert in essential oils …

Best holistic treatments for animals

My life’s work literally is animal Reiki—coaching animal lovers worldwide on their journey toward peace and wellness. But Reiki is not the only natural treatment out there for our beloved animals. In fact, Reiki is a great complementary therapy to not only Western veterinary medicine, but also a whole host of holistic and natural options, including the three listed below. Tell me, have you given any of these a try?

Acupuncture: My last dog, Dakota, benefited greatly from acupuncture treatments, which work by restoring balance …

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