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One of my clients was a beautiful white pony named Tess. As I began the treatment, I introduced myself to Tess and explained that I would be offering her Reiki, with her permission. I stood several feet away since this was her first treatment and I didn’t want to startle her with the new sensation of the energy. After a few minutes, she approached my hands and began sniffing them. It was clear that she felt the energy and was very curious about it.

Because she remained standing close to me, I tried hands-on positions in various parts of her body to see if I could feel any energetic changes in my hands that might correspond with her lameness problem. As I moved my hands to her shoulder, I told her that I was listening if there was anything she wanted to share with me about her soreness. She became very still as I moved my hands from her shoulder, down her back to her hind end and legs. Then I moved to her front right knee. My hands heated up as I settled in this position. Simultaneously, Tess lifted her right leg in the air and held it there for a moment. When she returned her hoof to the ground, she pushed her muzzle against her knee, then against my hands, and then against her knee again. Reiki had found the problem area.

I spent about 20 minutes in this one position, and her head lowered almost to the ground and she fell asleep. When I moved to the other side, she reacted some to the knee area, but less strongly. Finally, she roused from her relaxed state and moved away from my hands, ending the treatment. With some stall rest and continued Reiki treatments, she recovered quickly.

– Kathleen

– – p. 52 Excerpted from Animal Reiki, Ulysses Press 2006.

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