a panther, dog, horse, and tiger helped with Reiki by kathleen prasad

Reiki Testimonials

Read powerful Reiki testimonials and stories of students and clients who have found physical, emotional, and spiritual healing through Kathleen Prasad’s training, classes, in-person and distant treatments.

Testimonials for Reiki I & Animal Reiki Training: The Basics at BrightHaven:

This class was so successful mainly because Kathleen Prasad has such a calm peaceful presence it helped me get there faster. I know I will be able to help many animals and wish every shelter would embrace Reiki for animals.
– Lisa S., San Francisco SPCA Animal Care Attendant- Cats

Thank you so sincerely for sharing your skills and experiences with all of us. I feel like I’ve shed layers of anxiety and have opened my heart to a new sort of sunshine, which I promise to care for and share with others.
– Mae L., San Francisco SPCA Vet Tech

Animal Reiki has given me the language of universal communication necessary to help every situation for the highest good and the knowledge that now I am helping to heal all the levels of disharmony within the animals I treat.
– Patricia Monahan Jordan, DVM, CVA, CTCVM & Herbology

I had heard about Reiki, read about it, and intuitively knew it was the way to go in my work with animals. I didn’t know that a weekend of immersion in Kathleen’s gentle teaching and guidance (and that of the animals at BrightHaven) would change my approach and work with animals, and my own spiritual practice going forward. Thank you, Kathleen.
-Nancy Schluntz

Thank you so sincerely for sharing your skills and experiences with all of us. I feel like I’ve shed layers of anxiety and have opened my heart to a new sort of sunshine, which I promise to care for and share with others. – Mae L., CA
Working with various animals gave me such JOY and HAPPINESS words cannot express it…they are the ones who are the true healers and teachers. I learned so much from them and plan to continue and focus on animals within my Reiki practice. I am truly grateful for Kathleen Prasad for offering this course and to all the animals who so graciously accepted all the Reiki treatments. – Diane P., NJ
“Faith, Hope and Charity” is an old pop song title that resonates with Kathleen’s class at Brighthaven. Not only is Kathleen a healer, but she’s a talented and knowing teacher. Working with the hospice animals instilled me with the faith they show in receiving each day with the hope that all will be theirs and the charity they exuded in allowing us to provide them with Reiki treatments. – Carole W., NY
I just came away from Okuden Level 2 this past weekend and I have to say I am inspired! I love the way Kathleen teaches. She taught us through stories of her own personal life experiences and her work with the animals; her beautifully put together Okuden Reiki Manual; and her beautiful pure spirit. She truly embodies Reiki. Brighthaven is a wonderful place and the animals taught us so much. I feel I have an opportunity to step out and make a real difference in my own life, the lives of animals, the planet and to life itself. Thank you Kathleen and the animals at Brighthaven for giving me that opportunity, you are ALL truly very special teachers and I will never forget the time I spent here. -Suzanne Pin
I just completed Reiki 11 and Animal Reiki at Bright Haven. It was a fabulous, magical, wonderful experience. I cannot wait to be back there for Reiki 111! Kathleen Prasad is a gifted, natural and humble teacher. And she is a warm, beautiful and authentic person. All of her teaching comes straight from her heart and from many, many years of offering Reiki to animals of all kinds. With everything she teaches she has a personal experience, story to exemplify that teaching. It is all of those stories that will stay with me the most. I cannot recommend studying with Kathleen enough. And just being at Bright Haven and with all of the animals there is such a healing, inspiring, heart opening experience. -Sue Durham
How to review something so profound… This class exceed all my expectations. The location, our teacher and the other students made this one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. Never have I had a teacher that truly embodied the material. Kathleen lives this, practices it, shares it and presents it with such passion and enthusiasm that I was blown away. Prior to this class, I had read most of her books and took an online course (not from her) which gave me a good foundation to grow from. The tools and tales she shared are real, honest and easy to relate to and use. It really gave me accessible tools to use in my practice. I am so excited to extend this to my animal clients! Holding it at this location was a great bonus. Richard was a gracious host and added to the positive and enlightening experience. The energy was positive and supportive and caring. It was new for me to work with horses and pigs and cows! I’ve never stood in a pasture with horses wandering around loose! It was magical for me and opened my eyes to working with animals other than cats & dogs. This group of students only made it better. They were all there, in the moment and comfortable to be with. I felt included and understood without saying a thing! Thanks to everyone – humans & critters alike – it was a joy! -Pam Duckmanton
The Okuden Level 2 training with Kathleen and BrightHaven Sanctuary was profoundly mind blowing and self expanding. Her teachings plus having the wonderful animals at the sanctuary as additional Reiki teacher assistants really drove home what Reiki is all about. The BrightHaven Sanctuary is an absolute perfect setting. Helping us to really connect within ourselves and then share the space with those around us with peaceful compassion. This training really helped me understand how to see others we want to share Reiki with. Helped me to understand how to Be Reiki. For ourselves, and everything around us. -Sayaka Nethercutt
Reiki II at Brighthaven deepened my capability to enter the ‘Reiki space’ and my commitment to the practice. Kathleen embodies what she teaches, and the animals are such willing teachers. In Reiki I it was all new for me; in Reiki II, I felt myself deepening as each level of the teachings unfolded. This level showed me that Reiki is a way of being and of allowing. When a cat seemed to decline my offer of Reiki, I instead sat in a nearby space with several cats and offered Reiki to whomever wanted to receive. I later learned that was the closest the first cat had allowed anyone to be while offering Reiki! This being and allowing has carried over to my volunteer work with animals in a nature center. I am indebted to Kathleen and the animals at BrightHaven for so gently guiding me into a new way to walk and be in the world. -Nancy Schluntz

Praise for Reiki III and Animal Reiki Teacher Training at Brighthaven:

Thank you for being an amazing teacher. The journey of becoming a SARA Teacher was made easier with your kindness and compassion. I would say that I am taking away an understanding of what I can do for the pain and suffering of animals on this planet. When I hear of animal cruelty or suffering that was caused by humans, I no longer get angry. Instead, I am grounded and walk into the suffering and keep walking until I reached the center. The center is like an eye of the hurricane. It is in the center where we find the joy and compassion of the animals. I will use what I learned at BrightHaven to make the center bigger and the outer layers of sadness and sorrow smaller.
-Jamie L.

Kathleen is a one-in-a-million teacher of our generation, and we are so lucky to have her with us.
– Robin B., NY

Kathleen’s approach is both cutting edge and the most respectful approach I’ve encountered when dealing with our beloved animals that share the earth with us.
– Linda G., FL

I served animals as a Reiki II practitioner for several years before taking Reiki III. I didn’t have any desire to teach, but wanted to take it for my own deepening and practice. As with each of the other levels, this one shifted something deep within me. We had a small group on a blustery, rainy weekend. When we went outside to stand with the horses, between bouts of rain, I understood from the horses that it was for our own ease in being close and open with large animals – they received the benefits of Reiki just as well when we were inside the building! Reiki III drew me deeper than I had thought possible into Being Reiki and knowing that offering Reiki is a process that brings whatever is most needed at that time to both the recipient and practitioner. We are teacher/student and practitioner/recipient at the same time, with animals as our willing collaborators. Deep gratitude to Kathleen. And I’m actually thinking about teaching now!
-Nancy Schluntz

I took Reiki 1 and 2 with the hope of working with animals, but my teachers didn’t know about animal reiki. Someone told me about Kathleen. I read one of her books and contacted her. She suggested I take an online class with her, which I did. Then, I was ready for Reiki 3, even though I had no intention of teaching, but rather wanted to study animal reiki and with Kathleen.

The experience was incredible beyond words, and I am still glowing from it, after a couple of weeks. We were a group of 8 wonderful women who all loved animals and Reiki. Some had a lot more experience than I did, but everyone was supportive and helpful. We learned meditation and chanting techniques that made the principles of Reiki come alive, and we learned how to help create a Reiki space to invite the animals in. Kathleen taught us that the animals were our teachers, and sometimes I had the feeling that the animals were saying “Here come our students.” We invited cows, horses, ponies, pigs, chickens, geese, cats and dogs into our meditations.

We were given many tools to continue our practice, including staying in touch with the other students and joining SARA, the Shelter Animal Reiki Association. And, guess what? I am going to teach now, because I understand how important it is to spread this to as many animals and people as possible.

Kathleen embodies Reiki – she is so gentle, supportive, generous and present for us, and she will forever be my inspiration and teacher.
-Karen Satz

I took the Reiki 3 and teacher training class at BrightHaven, the last class that was there, amazing, calming, peaceful, full of learning and great teaching. Closer to understanding how animals are our partners in life in so many ways, thank you Kathleen for bringing the bright light to shine on these beautiful beings and bringing us closer!
-Margo Hepner-Hart

Reviews from Reiki students:

Throughout the lessons and the meditations you consistently remind us of the importance of seeing the animals as beautiful bright lights.  The biggest thing I learned from this class was to stop looking with my eyes and start seeing with my heart. Thank you for your patience and understanding and for sharing yourself with your students. -Debbie J.

I highly recommend Kathleen’s Animal Reiki Workshop: Core Curriculum by Correspondence!  I didn’t get a chance to take Kathleen’s in-person animal reiki classes at BrightHaven Animal Sanctuary (Santa Rosa, CA) before moving to Hawaii, so I decided to take this course because I knew Kathleen was THE BEST teacher to learn animal reiki from… She truly is an Animal Reiki Master. She is full of compassion and love for the animals, is very dedicated to the animals, her students and her work. I learned to be more “creative” with Reiki which helped me to “go with the flow” when offering Reiki to animals (including insects!). I completed “human” reiki levels 1, 2 & 3/Master before I knew about Kathleen, so that I could offer reiki to my beloved dog. What I learned from Kathleen really helped me to be a much better Reiki practitioner for animals. Thank you very much, Kathleen, from Joseph & me! – Kaoru M.

Thank you, Kathleen!  I really enjoyed resitting the Reiki III class and I so appreciated the opportunity to experience the material and the meditations with you a second time, and I loved being at the Devoted Barn.  I notice that the feeling of the Reiki space we created has remained with me and I am feeling even more eager to meditate and share Reiki with animals.  I feel more confident in my ability to focus and just ‘be’ with Reiki, which was a new concept for me when I signed up for your class.  Spring is here, and I find myself wanting to sit in my back yard and offer Reiki to the plants and animals and earth.  Experiencing your class has given momentum to my Reiki practice and my ability to connect from the heart.  That feels wonderful! -Pat M.

I wholeheartedly recommend Kathleen Prasad for guidance  along your Reiki journey. Her classes are structured, yet artful. She inspires us and encourages us, and then holds us accountable as practitioners with specific assignments and timelines. I learned so much in Kathleen’s Animal Reiki Workshop. I learned to “Be Reiki” and I learned to trust Reiki. Perhaps best of all, I learned to trust myself. I will be continuing my Reiki journey with Kathleen. And I’ve already recommended her to my Reiki practitioner friends. What a blessing! -Kathleen M.

My Reiki journey has taken me to many interesting places, one of the best being BrightHaven in California. Having read most of Kathleen’s Reiki books, I knew I had to do my Reiki 3 with her. I found her openness and wonderful teaching style just compelling  and I could have listened to Kathleen for hours. BrightHaven is such a magical calming place with such special and beautiful animal teachers, just waiting to meet you. BrightHaven is facing funding issues at this time and I urge you if possible to learn your Reiki 3 here as Kathleen donates a large part of her fees to them. -Rachel Woodisse UK

Thank you, Kathleen!  I really enjoyed resitting the Reiki III class and I so appreciated the opportunity to experience the material and the meditations with you a second time, and I loved being at the Devoted Barn. Even though I was only able to attend two of the three days, I notice that the feeling of the Reiki space we created has remained with me and I am feeling even more eager to meditate and share Reiki with animals.  Two days after the class I meditated with my neighbor’s chickens and it was lovely!  I think the chickens liked it, too.  “Only in Ann Arbor”, they laughed, when I asked for permission. I feel more confident in my ability to focus and just ‘be’ with Reiki, which was a new concept for me when I signed up for your class.  Spring is here – and the mosquitos aren’t out yet – and I find myself wanting to sit in my back yard and offer Reiki to the plants and animals and earth.  Experiencing your class has given momentum to my Reiki practice and my ability to connect from the heart.  That feels wonderful! -Pat Micks, USA

 I just loved this Animal Reiki Online course. It made it easy to participate since I work so many crazy hours during the week and on Saturdays too. I feel blessed to have received instruction from Kathleen. I recently read an anthology of animal Reiki articles written by several Reiki practitioners, and of all of them, I really resonated with Kathleen’s approach more than any of the others. She is extremely knowledgeable, humble, clear, and supportive. I love that she stresses inviting the animals to direct the session and to choose if they want treatment or not, and if so, for how long and from afar or hands-on. It taught me to get out of the way…to allow the animals and Reiki to do the healing the way it is meant to go…not the way I think it should go. Let go and let Reiki! Thanks, Kathleen. -Pam F.

I LOVE animals and I was looking for a way to be with them more often and more deeply, as well as make a positive difference. That’s why I took two of Kathleen Prasad’s classes. Also, I had a tiny idea/hope of doing animal Reiki professionally (i.e., to make money). Kathleen is a wonderful teacher who has put together courses that really resonated with me. The first thing that surprised me was that I should just do Reiki and invite the animal in with me. That really works! I had some extraordinary and wonderful experiences with different animal species when I was just letting Reiki flow.  -Paula S.

I have just finished the Animal Reiki Workshop: Core Curriculum by Correspondence and really enjoyed it. Kathleen Prasad guided me gently and profoundly  deeper into meditation and it truly helped me to gain more insight into my interaction with the animals I take care of. The assignments were fun and deepened my understanding. -Gabi B-C

Kathleen is a rare and exceptional human animal who “gets it.” I am deeply appreciative of her example, guidance and light in our world. Kathleen is working powerfully and profoundly with humility, respect, compassion and dedication to heal and rejoice in the precious bonds we share with all creatures. I highly recommend this course and all her wonderful books and meditations which are transformative. -Belinda C.

I thought I knew it all when I joined this class. I have been DO-ing Reiki with animals and people for several years, of course I know what I’m doing! Well, was I ever wrong: this class helped me to experience a whole new perspective on healing! I love that I’m working on myself each time I work with the animals. I feel so much more connected to myself, others, the planet, and especially the animals. This course is more than just an informational class about Reiki—it has helped me to be a better human BE-ing, instead of a human DO-ing! I can’t wait to learn more during in-person classes too. I love Kathleen’s huge heart, all of the kind encouragement that she provides, and resources that are amazingly helpful even when I thought I “knew it all.” Especially when you think you know it all, this class is for you!
-Tiffany K.

You have given me, through this course, and in reading your books; the validation, the tools, the confidence and excitement to “Be Reiki for Animals” for my life.
– Zandy D.

The biggest thing I learned from this class is that simplicity, intention, and love, provide miraculous results.
-Sue C.

The things I learned in these classes that touched my heart is learning to open my heart, trust in Reiki and through Reiki allowing the animal to find their own true north.
-Suzanne P.

I’ve taken other animal Reiki courses, which focused on “doing Reiki” to animals with hand positions, Reiki symbols, etc. The Animal Reiki Workshop:Core Curriculum course by Kathleen Prasad changed my perspective entirely. Kathleen simplified animal Reiki for me, helping me to understand that I am naturally full of Reiki energy, and providing me with tools to tap into that energy and share it with animals as, if and when they desire it. I learned that it’s all about “being Reiki”, a concept that takes practice to fully grasp. Kathleen’s approach is truly revolutionary in its simplicity. She is making the world a better place, one Reiki practitioner and one animal at a time.
-Jennifer S.

When I first came to the beginner’s class, I tagged along with a friend and had no idea what reiki was. But there’s something so beautiful within Kathleen which started to grow my interest in Reiki. Honestly, my feeling after the class was “it’s too good to be true!” But then I started to realize some miracle moments whenever I practiced Reiki which amazed me. So glad that I had come back to level two class which gave me a deeper understanding of Reiki and more techniques to choose from. Now Reiki is much more enjoyable and fun!
– Claudia F.

The weekend learning and practicing Reiki was so special and enlightening.There was such a feeling of love, inclusiveness and openness throughout the sessions. What I learned was that Reiki is not complicated but simple, gentle and effective. The oneness I felt with the various animals was truly an unforgettable experience. I feel so blessed to have had the experiences with such a variety of beautiful creatures. I never knew that ducks had such a wonderful sense of humor!!
-Sheila G.

The Animal Reiki Workshop: Core Curriculum is an excellent and engaging on-line course. Kathleen Prasad’s books and this course exude her commitment to teaching others how to connect and be in the moment with animals and humans, as well. Kathleen took care to provide excellent instruction, exercises and feedback to assure that students achieve a foundation for offering Reiki to animals.
Diane Dunton Bruni, Reiki for You

What a wonderful webinar series! I loved all of the 6 lessons:) The 3 Diamonds Meditation was especially transformational for me. Every time I sat in meditation with my dog, different spirit animals came in to support and to teach me about connection to Earth, Sky and Heart. It was really amazing and so grounding, exactly what I needed, which in turn have been very helpful for my beloved dog, Ahanta. So thank you so much for this webinar course. It was absolutely fantastic, and I hope there will be many more:)
-Gina L.

Kathleen is a great teacher.  She is able to explain ideas in easy to understand ways, further demonstrates these using interesting videos, quotes, pictures and poetry.  Meditation practice is included in each class and it also provides connection between the concepts covered in the lesson.  Kathleen makes herself available to answer questions and fosters a desire for further learning.  I’m looking forward to more classes with Kathleen.
-Sheila M.

I just got so many good ideas from this course about how to direct my focus in new ways and to stay on track. I especially loved the idea of using the Precepts and symbols as a focus point. In my initial (human) Reiki education, I was taught the initial symbols as really important tools, and given very specific ways to use them, but as a simple focus technique and a way to really energize an offering seems much more free-form, and much more suited to the practice of Animal Reiki itself. The session on Grounding was really valuable, and should be a requirement for anyone doing any shelter or medical work with animals. It’s so easy to take for granted and could probably be a course in and of itself. This course gave me so many more tools for my toolbox, and ways to approach things to keep my practice fresh and open. In offering to animals, openness is the key, and it’s easy to get bogged down into routines that start to lose their intent. We get on autopilot, but a course like this gives your fresh insight and important reminders on just *to* do this or that, but *how* to as well. Thank you for a great course!
-Sam G.

Thank you for this Heart to Heart Animal Reiki Webinar. I have been practicing Reiki for 10yrs and have studied with different Masters. They each offer a unique perspective and approach beyond the precepts and core teachings, which I appreciate, though I connect with your teachings on a deeper level. You offer beautiful, heart centered tools, examples and experiences over and over to remind us of the power of surrendering to what is,  seeing beyond the circumstances and into the truth that is inside all sentient beings, pure light and love. Beyond the ego lies the infinite healing power of the heart.
– Jennifer F.

The biggest thing that I learned from this class – TRUST. Trust the animals that we are working with, trust the process, trust Reiki. I also have to learn how to trust myself and my abilities as a healer. Thank you for your expertise and words of wisdom! I have learned a tremendous amount about what our animals are truly capable of and how in fact, they can help us.
-Jo-Ann D.

I was amazed at all the material and examples you talked about.  The most eye-opening was the session on grounding.  At that point I felt my understanding of animal Reiki shift as I wrapped my mind – and heart – around an expanded way of understanding and experiencing Reiki.  I’m excited to see so many ways in which animal Reiki practice shares elements with animal communication, which I’m studying, and grounding is so basic to both.  Both types of work happen in the heart space, and so much of what you teach in the webinar applies to the communication practice as well.  I’m now thinking that there is much potential and all kinds of things we can accomplish for ourselves and for the world if we lived all the time in that heart space with gratitude and reverence.  It feels profound just to try to visualize what that would be like!
-Pat M.

I highly recommend The Animal Reiki workshop Core Curriculum correspondence course to anyone interested in providing animal Reiki.  Kathleen is an inspiration teacher and healer.  Her years of experience working with animals and her love and compassion for all animals have fused into a balanced curriculum to assist her students on their own personal journey of Being Reiki for the animals.  I looked forward to the weekly assignments as they were both thought provoking as well as fun expanding my knowledge base obtained from that weeks material.  I look forward to taking more workshops with Kathleen and continuing my journey.
-Derrleen M.

Kathleen’s Reiki 1 class was a transformational experience for me personally. I went in there with the expectation of learning how to “do Reiki treatments” to help animals. Kathleen showed me it was actually all about “being Reiki” and how to begin from self-healing. The truth is, I’ve been struggling to find inner peace due to a recent family bereavement… Her guidance in meditation took me to the very core of my soul and I was finally able to reach that space of peacefulness inside. It is from this space that I could start healing and, through practices, share Reiki with other beings. Thank you, Kathleen, for the simple yet profound approach in teaching Reiki.
-Stacy T.

Kathleen is my 3rd reiki teacher. And she’ll be my forever teacher. Good teachers bring that subject to life, make it understandable, and spark a passion for it. Kathleen opens her heart and shares her knowledge by being a storyteller and explaining why, not just how. In regards to the emphasis on the animal reiki, I wondered what would be different because I’d learned that as long as you have the intent, the reiki will just flow. There is a different approach to animal reiki, and I’m actually seeing different results with this approach. I’ve taken reiki 1 and 2 before, and while I’ve always left inspired, that inspiration led to intimidation and doubt for not remembering all of the hand positions or signs or part of the ritual. Her reiki teachings go back to the basics, focusing more on preparing the heart and mind through meditation. Kathleen exudes warmth; it shows in her philosophy on reiki as well as in the connections she establishes with her students and of course with the animals. I look forward to taking another class with her.
-Bonnie N.

Through taking the Reiki II course, I was reminded of the presence of my own inner light and strength. It amazes me how the animals are natural Reiki masters, reflecting our own light back to us, helping  us see what we so easily forget. The combination of Kathleen’s compassionate presence and encouragement, the support of the Brighthaven animals, the beauty of Sonoma county, and the Reiki energy make for an truly unforgettable weekend. I feel blessed and inspired to deepen my Reiki practice for both myself and the animals going forward.
– Jill L. (Reiki II class)

The biggest things that I learned from this class was the importance of just being Reiki, letting the animal guide you and keeping your mind clear.  They know what they need. I have thoroughly enjoyed this class!
-Regina V.

The biggest thing I learned from this class is: our animals are the stewarts of the now & are here to guide, teach & reflect  our real essenses of being the Light & Love in all points in time and space. Kathleen, from my heart to yours, I enjoyed your guidance, teachings and most of all your loving support through the 5 weeks. I feel more confident, calmer, and grounded with helping and being Reiki for them.
-Dulsa N.

Kathleen’s loving, generous spirit provides support in the classroom and beyond. Her Shinpiden and teacher training at BrightHaven helped me to know that teaching Animal Reiki to others was a path that I was meant to follow.
-Jeannie Y.

It is really wonderful that you offer this course. It allowed me to better understand my own innate relationship with animals especially cats. And it has helped me in my work with ferals I believe in getting them to trust sooner. Thank you so much!
-Lori P.

The most important things I learned through the online course are how important the approach, grounding and centering in heart and breath, thoughts, and perspectives are when working with animals. Thank you!
-Rebecca M.

The biggest thing I learned from this class was that if you create the healing space, they will come – animals/other creatures/people.  Thank you for all of the wisdom you have passed along while providing this class.  I love the principles you teach.  Putting all of our ideas aside and focusing on letting go, going deeper within ourselves and above all respecting the animals gets to the core of what’s most important…regardless of the outcome.
-Cheryl B.

Awesome. Kathleen was compassionate, calm, present, funny, tuned in to her students, and a gifted practitioner.
– Marlane S., CA (Reiki 3 Class, Brighthaven)

Kathleen, thank you so very much for a great course! I have enjoyed every lesson, the audios being super helpful, resolving many questions instantly. Your voice during the meditations just set the tone for peace. “Let go & Reiki” is the most beautiful mantra, one that all Reiki practioners need to remember every moment. Highly recommended for those who want to connect with themselves & the animal world, sharing peace, love & healing.
-Tejas S.

Kathleen is a great teacher. Her enthusiasm, commitment, and love for Animal Reiki is contagious. She is verbal, organized, grounded and has a wealth of experience and knowledge. I have been “Doing” Reiki for about 20 years, and after studying with Kathleen I am now “Being Reiki”! It’s an exciting, huge and beautiful shift. Even after taking Shinpiden Reiki Level Three with her, I decided to take the Level One Reiki class just to watch her teach. I am amazed at how much I learned, not only about teaching, but also about Reiki. During a class meditation, I experienced the Reiki energy as light, inside and all around my body. I was Reiki light! I highly recommend Kathleen Prasad’s Reiki classes – all of them! (Reiki 3 and Animal Teacher Training)
-Jeri L., CA

Taking Kathleen’s ‘Core Components’ class was a wonderful way to learn a more inviting method to approach animals and their issues. Not only was the 5 week class professionally provided, but the content was well-thought out and each week’s material built on the last. Her audio meditations and discussions for each week were something both I and my kitties looked forward to. Through her weekly materials, she provided support, not only for the class, but also for it’s use outside in the real world.
Her love of animals and experience with them and Reiki keep one motivated and confident and will continue to help me pursue better and more helpful sessions with my pets and other creatures.
Thank you, Kathleen!”
-Steph M.

From these lessons, my mindset has changed and my practice has benefited from it.  This class has allowed me to let go, listen and just “Be”. -Lisa H.

I highly recommend the Reiki 3 training at BrightHaven. The animals there hold such an amazing space for us humans where we can learn and practice in a truly beautiful energetic environment. The experience was life-changing on so many levels and I am so thankful to the patient, kind, and understanding animals as well as Kathleen and the human hosts at BrightHaven. The information on Reiki itself was also exactly what I had been looking for as far as the true origins of Reiki.
– Rebecca C.

I am a Reiki Master and I must say that the  Animal Reiki Workshop via Correspondence  class is one of the best classes I have taken! This course has shown me how to “Be Reiki” with no expectation or direction, allowing the animals to take what is needed in any way that feels safe to them.  As Kathleen shares her in-depth knowledge and experience through the lessons, you always sense her amazing love for animals. Although she may be miles away, Kathleen shares in your successes and walks with you through any struggles you may have.

I can say with confidence that I can now work with animals in a way that I have only dreamed of.  I am both proud and excited to have taken the next step and have become a SARA Practitioner.  What amazing things lie ahead as I take my reiki business in this new direction!  I highly recommend this course to anyone who cares for any furry or feathered friends. You and your animal will be grateful!  Thank you Kathleen and I look forward to taking your teacher class! 
-Susan G

The Core Curriculum Workshop is a must for any Reiki student or Practitioner who wants to focus on and grow their practice within a animal rescue shelter or sanctuary. Full of valuable instruction, tips & strategies plus Kathleen’s unique insight from her vast knowledge and experience. Treat yourself, learn and have some fun too!!
-Nanette C., San Diego

I thoroughly enjoyed the Animal Reiki Workshop: Core Curriculum, Kathleen explains everything very well for you to understand.  I particularly enjoyed doing the assignments where I had the chance to practice Reiki on my pets and other’s pets.  I noticed a huge difference in their demeanor around me and the other dogs and how relaxed they really were after the treatments. Thank you Kathleen for putting together such a great course for so many to benefit from. -Wendy W., Canada

I keep coming back to three things that always seem to stay with me:   1) Let go. 2) Let the animal lead. and 3) Let Reiki, if the animal is receptive. Thanks for everything, Kathleen
-Connie C

I had wanted to study Reiki for Animals for awhile and had begun studying Reiki (for humans) when I came across Kathleen’s course.  I live in Australia, so was thrilled to learn that the course was available by distance.  I loved the five week course.  The lectures (audio and printed material) arrived precisely when they were meant to and were easy to access.  The content was fascinating.  A good blend of practice and theory and very much underpinned by a spiritual and art approach to learning, which really fitted with my approach to learning and expressing myself.  The learnings have assisted me greatly.  – Anne J., South Australia

The biggest thing I learned from this class about offering Reiki to animals, after obtaining their permission, is to honor their choice and follow their guidance. Kathleen, I feel that I learned so much in these past 5 weeks, and I think your perspective is unique.  Again, I am so grateful that I found you. -Deanna S.

Thank you so much for this amazing Reiki course and all the experiences that went along with it! I learned so much from you, my challenges, and the animals who guided me. One of the biggest lessons I learned from your class is to let go and follow the animal’s lead because they know the way. – Jamie B.

The biggest thing I learned from this class is that by just “Being” I create a healing space for an animal to enter into on their own terms and truly benefit from. Thank your for all the wonderful teachings you supplied me with. -Karen P.

What an amazing 5 weeks!  My Reiki connection with animals has exceeded my expectations!  My biggest discoveries are;  to listen, be, not arrive with an agenda, don’t set up expectations for the human parent and most of all, ASK the animal if it is ok to include them.  So huge. As a result of your training, I have been able to offer both distance and in person Reiki, more effectively.  As I meditate, I feel a very different connection – much stronger with the animal and less with the human parent.  I used to have much more attention on whether the human would be “pleased with my work”.  I care deeply about the animals and love this new, gentle connection.  Being granted the PERMISSION to be in the presence of Reiki with them is deeply gratifying. -Kathy G.

I am finally learning how to “Let go” and then being able to re-center and re-focus myself at all times. Thank you so much for your instruction!!!  I really enjoyed your class and looking forward to learning more!!! – Mysti W. (Animal Reiki Workshop via Correspondence)

Taking the Animal Reiki Level 1 class with Kathleen at BrightHaven was a beautiful, inspiring experience. I was able to connect not only with the animals, but also with myself. My heart had called me to this class for a long time… if you feel called, my advice is to ask yourself – what are you waiting for? – Karen V., CA (Reiki 1 at BrightHaven)

Brighthaven is a very special place, the atmosphere is safe and inviting to practice and experience Reiki, the animals are so giving, excepting and teach us so much about Reiki. I am truly grateful I found Kathleen and Brighthaven, I enjoy going back and learning something new each time. – Joanna W., CA (Reiki 3 at BrightHaven)

Thank you Kathleen for this eye opening, heart expanding experience.   I look forward to taking Reiki II with you when furthering my Animal Reiki. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your graceful, loving way to explain and share. – Marianne G., FL (Animal Reiki Workshop via Correspondence)

Studying with Kathleen has expanded my insight into practicing healing energy with animals. I thoroughly enjoyed her class and am very grateful both for her wisdom, and for the way she made the class so creative and enjoyable. – Jill E., CA (Animal Reiki Workshop via Correspondence)

The course in Animal Reiki which I have completed with Kathleen has been a life-changer at many levels.  It has reconnected me with a love of animals that I hid because I thought it was ‘immature’ to love animals this much. It has deepened my understanding and experience of Reiki, enabling me to take a big step forward in learning to ‘BE’ Reiki rather than ‘DO’ Reiki…
And it has helped me regain my ‘Meditation Mojo’. I can’t speak highly enough of Kathleen and her wise course and personal guidance. Heartfelt thanks, Kathleen. –
Marita Lajs, Australia (The Animal Reiki Workshop via Correspondence)

Thank you, Kathleen, for offering this correspondence training, which is very helpful to those who don’t live in your area but can still learn the knowledge and skills in Animal Reiki.  I’m very glad I took this training to further enhance my Reiki practice.  This is a nice training for both beginners and experienced practitioners to learn and reiterate fundamental and important principles and to apply them to both animal and people Reiki practices.  Thank you for sharing your mediation practice, experiences, tips and important reminders too in this training.  I look forward to learning more through various sources and publications by you. – Grace B., Canada (The Animal Reiki Workshop via Correspondence)

Kathleen helped open my eyes and my energy to benefit animals with Reiki! – Lisa M., NC (Animal Reiki Workshop via Correspondence)

This was a wonderful class, packed full of valuable, meaningful and practical information which I hope to use for the rest of my life.  – Janet M., Canada

Kathleen’s course helped me to focus my practice and confirm the skills I had previously learned.  She is open and helpful, and has multiple resources for further exploration.   The creative requirements for the course were fun and made me really think about what Reiki means to me.  As someone trained in Western Medicine/health care, she provided concrete referrals that make me feel much more secure about marketing myself to the veterinary community. – Dr. Christine Paige, MA

My experience taking the Animal Reiki Workshop was so much more than expected via correspondence. The lessons were thoughtfully planned out and I felt more enlightened after each one, not only about Animal Reiki, but my own perspective toward animals in shelters. I believe that as a result my Reiki practice in general has been enhanced.

At first it was difficult for me to sit amongst the dogs in a busy shelter that were always barking at someone coming or going.  By the end of this class however, in my mind, the sound of many dogs barking magically evolved into the sound of a choir of angels singing. It’s interesting once you really hear the different tones and sounds of the dogs barking and whining at once. I believe the meditations I learned in the class are responsible for my adjusted perception. I would highly recommend this class to anyone seeking to be Reiki with the animals around them.
– Rita W., RI (The Animal Reiki Workshop via Correspondence)

As we chanted in a group while we walked around the edges of Remus Horse Sanctuary, I will never forget the horses galloping towards us, They could feel the energy of our voices and just like magnets they gravitated to us. It was so mesmerizing and indicative of a past ancient civilization when animal and man where one.
– Caroline T., England

I found your course at Remus a profound experience of total immersion in deep meditation over three days. That cannot help but transform our own energies. Connecting with horses, donkeys sheep goats and cats.in such peaceful outdoor surroundings was food for the soul.  I hope to take fresh energy back into my voluntary work in a busy rescue centre environment at the Dogs Trust, where I have been a therapist for some years, supporting dogs who need more confidence to be rehomed.
– Lucy L., England

Kathleen’s workshop ‘Everything Animal Reiki’, changed my life when I least expected it. When you think you are learning Reiki to help the animals, it turns out that it is actually the animals that are helping you.  They generously held  a Reiki space for me, so that all things were possible and I was able to heal at the deepest level. It was an extraordinary experience and one I will never forget.
– Caroline T., England

Kathleen does not spend her time instructing hand positions, she guides the focus of our hearts and minds to a spiritual and enlightened place. Kathleen has intuitive understanding of the difficult journeys taken by both humans and animals and inspires us to root ourselves and deliver our sincere healing intentions. Her gentle energy and authentic practice has reinforced my own interactions with the animals that have been my teachers, healers and companions throughout my own, sometimes difficult medical journey.

Kathleen shares her deep understanding of animal Reiki in its purest form as it has existed for centuries with those that seek this knowledge. I have come away with a quiet confidence that I can share this gift with the animals that have shared their own with me.
– Alexandria Economou, Animal Reiki Workshop

Thank YOU for a wonderful course! It was perfectly paced; not too fast to be overwhelming, but not so slow that it allowed me to get lazy. It kept me on task and focused while still being able to work it into my schedule. The correspondence construct was extremely convenient, and the audio portions were the perfect compliment to the written portions. The course is also a perfect compliment to the book Animal Reiki, a must for anyone looking into this field. It breaks basic concepts further down into easily digestible pieces, one at a time. Hearing other students’ experiences and questions during the audio was extremely helpful as well. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or just getting started, learninganimal Reiki specifically is just enough different that it deserves its own attention, and this is the perfect course to get your feet wet.
– Sam G., MI

Kathleen IS Reiki and she teaches in a way that is easy to understand, practice and incorporate into your daily life.  Reiki isn’t something you should do, it truly is something you should be.
– Jodi G.

Thank you so much for the Animal Reiki Core Curriculum.  I found it very helpful in feeling more comfortable with treating animal clients.  The insights gained through the meditative approach were very enlightening.  Would recommend this course to anyone interested in expanding their Reiki practice to include animals.
– Carolyn L., Canada

Kathleen, your comprehensive five week Core Curriculum Animal Reiki course was exactly what I needed to break through to the next level of my Reiki experiences with animals. I’ve enjoyed offering Reiki to animals for years but your generous sharing of detailed information, and your terrific out-of-the-box creativity opened doors I didn’t even know existed to what is truly possible with Animal Reiki. The over-arching takeaway for me (and my new guiding mantra) was your touching quote, “You don’t DO Reiki TO animals, you BE Reiki WITH animals.” What a blessing you are to the planet. One hundred thousand thank-yous. I look forward to the opportunity to come to California to attend one of your courses/workshops with you in the fall.
– Ann V., Canada

I have recently completed a 5 week correspondence course  –  Animal Reiki Workshop  Core Curriculum – and am delighted, impressed and very satisfied with the course, the support, the examples, the feedback I received from Kathleen throughout. I find the websites online with the newsletters and other resources very useful helpful and enlightening.

A very interesting 5 weeks which really opened my eyes to how amazing and beneficial Reiki is for animals. I can’t wait to add to this course many weeks of practice to build up my knowledge confidence and experiences, and then my priority is to undertake further courses as run by Kathleen. Thank you very much Kathleen.
– Jill Cawsey, Australia

The Animal Reiki Workshop through Correspondence Course is just great! I have learned so much about me and animals. I learned how we are so connected to animals. It’s amazing their ability to teach us. I learned to LET GO…I don’t think in how I’m doing Reiki I just let Reiki. I worry less about technique and focus more on being open to love and compassion through which Reiki heals. Thank you- Many Blessings!
– Sandra S., TX

I really enjoyed the “Reiki for Dogs” class.  I am a Level 2 practitioner, but didn’t feel particularly confident about my practice and skills.  The course helped me develop direction and a plan for deepening my practice. Sharing the experiences of others helped me see the common paths of growth we are on, and encouraged  me to not just to ‘keep-at-it’ but to see the joy in the path and understand better how to work with some of the challenges and frustrations I have felt. The depth, sincerity and power of Kathleen’s practice comes through. Her incredible experience helped us to interpret and understand our own experiences, often turning what I found frustrating into a kernel of encouragement.
– Linda E.

I recently took the Animal Reiki Core Curriculum Correspondence Course with Kathleen and it was an amazing process for me.
This course has brought me closer to my goal of offering Reiki to shelter animals and has brought me even closer to my five cats and myself. With each week of the course it became clear where my Reiki practice was taking me as the layers upon layers peeled away, revealing what I needed to feel, and what I needed to see in order to grow as an Animal Reiki practitioner.  This course was just what I needed at this point in my practice!
I recommend the Animal Reiki Workshop Core Curriculum Correspondence Course to anyone that wants to delve deeper into their Reiki practice.  Kathleen in an amazing teacher with a beautiful spirit and I am forever grateful for her teachings!  Her wisdom and dedication to all of her students is so humbling and I am honored to be one of them.
– Maureen P., CA

Doing your online course helped deepen my daily practice with Bibi, my cat who was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. Your open answers to my questions plus the practical exercises and tips in your notes were invaluable. What I’ve learned is a treasure I’ll keep forever – thanks Kathleen.
– Melissa B., Australia

Kathleen’s course was my introduction to Reiki specifically for animals.  This course provides guidance with particular approaches to many different situations in a caring, supportive manner.  She teaches how to be more intuitive and observant when gauging the responses of the animals, allowing them to show us what it is they want and need, and demonstrates how to truly let go of all expectations and just “be”.  Kathleen’s wonderful guidance, exercises and meditations are extremely helpful with learning to create a nurturing space for the animals. Whether they be companion or domestic animals, or even of the wild animal kingdom, happy, timid or aggressive, healthy, ill or transitioning, dealing with traumatic backgrounds or otherwise, she invites us to development an even deeper, more meaningful connection with them through her teachings.  Her constant encouragement and timely feedback, obviously garnered through much experience and a genuine love of animals, helps to keep one’s focus on the right track, as do her many suggestions for how to go about getting out and utilizing all we’ve learned to benefit these beautiful, trusting souls the best way we can.
– Janet J., Canada

Kathleen, I am happy to have completed Levels I and II with you, as well as the Core Curriculum Course. Thank you for your calm wisdom, validation, and encouragement. More than anything, you teach compassion, both for animals and for ourselves.
– Elaine B., CA

I cannot express to you how very fortunate I feel to have had this opportunity to learn from you and received your amazing guidance. I am truly grateful for this opportunity of studying animal reiki through you.  Thank you so much!  I think the absolute greatest gift I have taken from this experience is seeing and learning how to BE Reiki in my everyday life, not just for treatments/sessions. It truly has changed my outlook on life.  Thank you, from my whole heart:)
– Maria R.

It was a great pleasure, and an honor, to be among the students who took part in the Level 1 and Level 2 Animal Reiki classes held in October and November 2014 at Bright Haven.  As a nurse practitioner who, one year ago, decided to follow my bliss and learn healing therapies for animals, Reiki was a MUST.  I was fortunate to hear about Kathleen and Animal Reiki Source from a student and Reiki III Master who studies with Kathleen.  After hearing what Reiki has to offer an animal (or person) anytime, anywhere, I knew I wanted to learn Reiki and incorporate this wonderful healing modality into my life.

The classes are casual, informative, and often emotional.  Kathleen’s years of experience and dedication to animals and Reiki shine through.  Her warmth is captivating.  Bright Haven is the perfect venue for learning Reiki.  Gail and Richard have created a place of harmony and peace where animals live – and die – with grace and love.

I am thankful for ‘discovering’ Reiki and have incorporated it into my daily life personally and professionally, offering Reiki to the shelter dogs where I volunteer, and to my own animals.  I immediately joined SARA and look forward to further learning opportunities with Kathleen and Animal Reiki Source.
– Karen H, CA

Kathleen has been so helpful in increasing my awareness with Reiki and animals.  She has taught me to trust Reiki so that I may connect more deeply with the animals.  I highly recommend taking a class with her to deepen your understanding of working with animals. – Betsy G., PA

I loved Reiki 1 for Animals– the excellent instruction by Kathleen, the material, the small class size, the location, the animals. It was a five star event that surprised me as it had an Eastern philosophy with which I resonate; note the five precepts: for today only do not anger; do not worry; be humble; be honest in your work; be compassionate to yourself and others. Awesome. Kathleen was compassionate, calm, present, funny, tuned in to her students, and a gifted practitioner. I recommend this class to anyone who loves animals and wants to learn how to heal themselves, the animals, and the world.
– Marlane S., CA

Kathleen Prasad is a gentle warrior with keen insight! I took her Animal Reiki Workshop: Core Curriculum and found her to be a true champion for the animals and for me as I practiced Reiki healing.
– Karen O., OK

“Faith, Hope and Charity” is an old pop song title that resonates with Kathleen’s class at Brighthaven. Not only is Kathleen a healer, but she’s a talented and knowing teacher. Working with the hospice animals instilled me with the faith they show in receiving each day with the hope that all will be theirs and the charity they exuded in allowing us to provide them with Reiki treatments. And this was all possible because Kathleen was there to give my class the guidance we needed to practice Reiki with these very special animals. Wasn’t I thrilled when Joey, the Mayor, permitted me to hold him when we posed for the group picture. I was so rewarded in my decision to fly from New York to the West Coast to be one of Kathleen’s pupils. I’m looking forward to a return appearance.
– Carole W., NY

The Animal Reiki teleclass with Kathleen was exactly what I needed. I had been instructed in Reiki via the western tradition. That was all I thought that I wanted. In Kathleen’s class we went so much deeper. Learning how to approach the various be-ings was just the tip of the iceberg. How to connect and listen to them, to feel the energy, and to learn to be Reiki. I have never felt so a part of my furry and feathered friends lives. I am excited to continue this journey. Looking forward to each curve in the road to see what will appear next. Thank you Kathleen.
– Kathi R., California

The Core Curriculum Teleclass helped me to strengthen the foundation of my animal Reiki practice. Kathleen’s knowledge, openness and passion for animal Reiki provided a welcoming and energizing learning space. Sharing experiences with Kathleen and the other participants was most insightful and enjoyable.
– Carol H., California

It is by listening to the shared experiences from Kathleen and others in the teleclass that gives me ideas which enables me to find what works best for me and allows me to go deeper.
– Beth C., Virginia

What I gained from this course; Animal Reiki Workshop: Core Curriculum by Teleclass:
I learned to always allow the animal to come to me.
I love that the setting of attention is a form of asking permission first.
The peaceful feeling of being in the Reiki energy with the animals as so neat. Plus to know that the animals are giving to me is wonderful.
To know that Reiki can bring a dying animal and their family, human or animal, together. Allowing the closure time to be a peaceful space for all.
I gained a lot more from this class and Kathleen than I can express right now.
– Christine H., California

Back in the mid-1990s’ I was looking for information about holistic healing for my cat; there was not a lot out there. Holistic healing kept me alive as I didn’t have health insurance or money. I was a Reiki Level I but didn’t really know what to do, as my cat seemed to not accept Reiki when I attempted to give it to her. I’d get bits and pieces of information, like you can read a cats’ pulses for Ayurvedic medicine, but that did not help me help her.

It was only when I found a copy of Animal Reiki by Elizabeth Fulton and Kathleen Prasad that I was able to start pulling things together. I then discovered Kathleen had a free monthly teleconference which I promptly joined. One thing led to another and now I have finished her core training to complement my Master-Teacher training. I have a lot of ideas on how to use Reiki not only for animals but plants and green living purposes. She is very inspiring and amazing. Thank you. Tashi Dalek (good fortune).
– Annora M., Iowa

Would like to say that I really enjoy the Reiki class given by Kathleen …She is very knowledgable and caring and always made us feel that she was there for us if we had any concerns or questions about what we were learning . I am new to Animal Reiki and this class gave me confidence that I need to go out and make a difference for the animals that need healing …Would highly recommend this class and any classes that Kathleen teaches.
– Janice T., Maryland

As a Reiki Teacher/Practitioner for the past seven years, I felt complete with the teachings of animal reiki that my teacher had shared with me. As I read Kathleen’s book and reviewed her website and course, I knew that this additional learning would expand and compliment what I had already received. I was impressed with the content and structure of the course and thoroughly enjoyed the assignments. It all resonated completely with what I already knew and took my animal Reiki practice to the next level. Thank you, Kathleen. I am most grateful and appreciative for this work that you share.
– Teresa D., Canada

I have had the pleasure to complete a number of Animal Reiki teleclasses with Kathleen, most recently a series of teleclasses on Wild Animal, Feline, Equine, and Canine Reiki. Once again, Kathleen provided the participants with very valuable, in-depth, and practical information, this time on how to approach Reiki with different groups or species of animals, and in what ways their behavior tends to differ from each other during a Reiki treatment. The class was very helpful to me, as it answered a number of questions I had had regarding my own observations of animals I had worked with, and it provided me with the information I needed to work more successfully with the increasing amount of wild animals that are spending time on my patio, these days. I truly enjoyed the class. Thank you, Kathleen!
– L. Nick

The Animal Reiki Core Curriculum Course by Kathleen Prasad gave me insight and validation regarding my own Reiki journey. Being an animal lover all my life and always having a dog, encouraged me to continue my Reiki path assisting animals.

Working with various animals gave me such JOY and HAPPINESS words cannot express it…they are the ones who are the true healers and teachers. I learned so much from them and plan to continue and focus on animals within my Reiki practice.

I am truly grateful for Kathleen Prasad for offering this course and to all the animals who so graciously accepted all the Reiki treatments. In gratitude,
– Diane P., NJ

Although I have been sharing Reiki with my companion cat and dog for over a year, participating in the Animal Reiki Core Curriculum workshop has given me a huge confidence boost enabling me to share Reiki with animals other than my own companions (something I had not done until now) and with animals other than a cat or dog. I really appreciated the emphasis on giving the animals the choice to share Reiki or not and also on letting Reiki go where-ever it needs to be and work however it needs to work. The information on creating a treatment plan was also extremely important. I feel like my Reiki practice has gone through a HUGE growth spurt during this workshop and am really motivated to keep learning so that Reiki can benefit even more animals!
– Allison C., Hawaii

This class far, far surpassed my expectations. I thought I’d just learn how to use my Reiki training to help the animals in my life but it was so much more. It touched that place deep down inside of me that speaks to my soul. I felt truly blessed by this experience. Kathleen is a gifted teacher who really shares her bliss. The animals of this world are so lucky to have her sharing her Reiki and her devotion to their well being.
– Trish H., CA

My reiki practice has deepened considerably since the time I spent at Bright Haven. The time I spent there with Kathleen, Gail, the other students and especially the animal residents has made a profound difference in my life. I feel as I was given a glimpse of heaven on earth and all I want to do now is be of service and heal. Being at Bright Haven and being surrounded with so much love and support has made me determined to share that love and support with others and especially the animal community. Thank you Kathleen for helping realize my life’s purpose.
With much love and gratitude,
– Maria H., NV

Thank you Kathleen for offering Animal Reiki through correspondence. Throughout the past five weeks, I have learned how much animals talk to us and how much we connect with them! It’s an incredible experience and feeling! Thank you for all your feedback you provided throughout the course. It was very warm and uplifting.
– Natalie W., Canada

I can easily say that I learned more about animals and Reiki in this 5 week course than I have in my 7+ years as a Reiki practitioner. Kathleen has an easy and comfortable way about her that allows her students to just open up to be with Reiki and to be with the animals. Her dedication to offering Reiki to animals in the shelter is a true inspiration and this course gives her students all they need to safely offer Reiki in the shelter setting. I feel very blessed to have Kathleen as a teacher and look forward to taking the advanced course in order to further enhance my ability to work with shelter animals.
– Robin S., California

The Core Curriculum was an opportunity for me to deepen my Reiki practices with your one-on-one guidance. The curriculum and teleclass venue allowed me to experience each assignment with helpful feedback and support from you and classmates each week. I look forward to continued growth in my spiritual healing practices with you and I’m excited for the future learning experiences taught by the animals.
– Jenny J., California

I recently completed the online Animal Reiki course with Kathleen. I would like to share one of my successes. A friend of mine has a nine-year old cat, Sammy, that has not been using the litter box for several years – he goes on and behind her couch, chair, in a corner in the dining room, etc. I started giving him meditation Reiki treatments twice a week. As I observed his home environment, I intuited that the entire situation needed Reiki healing. I felt that the cat was very sensitive and felt responsible for keeping his female person happy as she is caregiver for an invalid who totally dislikes the cat. The treatments continued for two months and eventually the out-of-the box behavior gradually improved. I cut down to once a week and after two months the behavior ceased. I have encouraged the owner to keep up the meditation. (She is a Reiki I practitioner.) Now, the bonus is that she has another cat that is extremely shy. I’ve known the family for a long time and every time I’ve gone there the cat is nowhere in sight, or, if she saw me come in she ran and hid. Well, after about a month of treating Sammy, I noticed that as I was preparing to leave the shy one was standing in the hall staring at me. The next time I went I noticed she was behind the couch near where I was giving Reiki to Sammy, again, locking eyes with me. From then on she came out and got closer each time and fell asleep to receive the Reiki just like Sammy.
– Barbara M., PA

I am a skeptic and a scientist and I came in not knowing whether Reiki was some new age b.s. or not. But having practiced today with classmates and shelter animals, I have no lingering doubts. Reiki is the real deal, and people and animals really respond to it positively. I know I did.
– Paul W., SF/SPCA and ACC Foster and Shelter Volunteer

The shelter animal Reiki class helped me to appeciate the spirit and essence of vulnerable shelter animals. It was wonderful to work in tandem with shelter medicine cats.
– Joseph M., Cat Volunteer SF/SPCA

There are so many healing modalities offered to choose from, and Reiki is one modality that can be done with one’s own empowerment. Reiki for animals and SARA is such a profound and inspiring concept for the community and the animals to be a part of. I feel so honored and blessed to have learned from the wonderful teachers, share in the intention and offer what I have been given with the rest of the world. This is truly a wonderful experience that all may enjoy. Thank you!
– Shaundra Z., SF/SPCA Client Services Representative, Community Vet Hospital

Thank you very much for this wonderful introduction to Reiki. I am so excited to learn more!
– Shari M., SF/SPCA

This class was so successful mainly because Kathleen Prasad has such a calm peaceful presence it helped me get there faster. I know I will be able to help many animals and wish every shelter would embrace Reiki for animals.
– Lisa S., SF/SPCA Animal Care Attendant–Cats

A wonderful and moving experience. I’m surprised at how profound the experience was.

Bruce A., Cat Volunteer, SF/SPCA

Thank you so sincerely for sharing your skills and experiences with all of us. I feel like I’ve shed layers of anxiety and have opened my heart to a new sort of sunshine, which I promise to care for and share with others.

Mae L., SF/SPCA Vet Tech

For five weeks Monday became my favorite day of the week; the day I received my lessons from the Animal Reiki distant course offered by Kathleen. During the week I immersed myself in the lessons and absorbed the material presented, as well as practicing my new skills on my animals. I have always had a very close relationship with animals and this course helped me deepen it.It taught me new ways to connect with animals through Reiki…..how to be Reiki with the animals. Kathleen’s love for animals and her calm, caring nature shine through. Her feedback was thoughtful, helpful and uplifting! The new skills I’ve learned have poured into my life and I use them daily. This has been one of my favorite learning experiences ever. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your knowlegde and helping spread Reiki to our animal friends.

Susanna Glaze, NM

The greatest concept I learned from this course is surrendering to the great power of the Reiki. The animals teach us more about the Reiki than any human teacher can: when to give the Reiki, how to give the Reiki, how much Reiki they will take – the animals are in complete control of their own healing which is absolutely amazing. I also loved the mindset of animal approach and have incorporated this into my “human” reiki practice – that we are to Be Reiki with our animal, rather than Do Reiki to our animal. I think the same holds true for the human client, and I love the thought of “being with” instead of “giving to” and let the Reiki do what the Reiki knows how to do best. My last lesson, of “being with” a shelter animal, whom I had never met, and didn’t pick out -as the shelter volunteer picked the dog out, and to see how readily he accepted and appreciated the treatment was overwelming. How blessed we are to be called to help unite again with the animal kingdom in this way.

Linda Dewey, IL

This course was an excellent experience! It was thorough and Kathleen was great at giving excellent feedback, challenges and recommendations. It helped me grow my relationships with animals as well as my Reiki practice. I really appreciate the time and effort Kathleen put into creating the course and guiding me through it.

April B., AZ

This was my first tele-class and it was everything I expected and more! I found the lessons to be very informative; and listening to the animal Reiki experiences from other students around the world was so much fun. Kathleen was always there for questions and extra help. It’s great to find such a skilled and caring teacher. Thank you, Kathleen!

Yvonne G., VA

Thank you Kathleen for a most wonderful series of lessons! I would recommend this course to everyone; it broadened my knowledge as a practitioner and certainly taught me how to offer Reiki to those I love most: the animals. Kathleen offers a wealth of information in the handouts before each class and engages everyone to share their weekly experience of the homework exercises. I would say this course is a growth opportunity for both humans and animals!

Inge D., CA

Kathleen, your Teleclass helped me to bring my focus to the animals around me. I realised how much more I could do for both my domestic pets and wildlife.Thank you for the encouragement to support all animals, insects and living things in general with Reiki.

Bronwen S., Australia

I wanted you to know how very empowering you are and that I think that may be your greatest gift as a teacher. Each time a student was questioning of themselves or their abilities you affirmed for them what they needed most to hear and I found that to be so uplifting…and yes, healing. I also experienced you as humble, sincere, grounded and serene. Your presence, Spirit and commitment to Reiki and to teaching others Reiki, and in particular to teaching others to trust their innate abilities and the wisdom of the animals is absolutely beautiful and restorative. Once again I’d like to send you a resounding “Thank You!” for the work you do in the world.

JF, Oregon

I volunteer at an Animal Rescue Centre and have been blessed to be able to offer Reiki to the animals who may need it. What I found was that the Reiki healing sessions were not connecting as well as I thought they should. I had read Kathleens amazing book and visited her website often and felt a real connection to someone who lived on the other side of the world. I invested in Kathleen’s 5 week correspondence course, never expecting it to be a life changing experience!

I found the lessons to be informative and thought provoking! I learned about animal Reiki and how to approach each healing session with a new understanding and respect. Kathleen’s detailed feedback has helped me to grow in confidence as an Animal Reiki Practitioner. Now my Reiki healing sessions truly do make a difference with the animals I work with.

What I did not expect from this course was that, although this was an Animal Reiki Course, it has had a profound effect on me as a person. It has really helped me to look and approach my own life with a different attitude and understanding. I can honestly say that this was the best investment of both time and money that I have ever made. Kathleen is someone who is genuine and really cares. Thank you Kathleen for changing my life.

CT, Chelmsford
United Kingdom

Oh…… the places you’ll go! If anyone is a fan of Dr. Seuss like I am, you’ll remember that book and let me tell you, after taking Kathleen’s Advanced Teleclass, I can certainly relate. Doors just pop open!

I had taken the Animal Reiki Workshop: Core Curriculum teleclass and enjoyed it very much. It was a wonderful stepping stone to the Advanced Teleclass which was a smaller group and, therefore, more intimate in nature. Although we were from all over the country in different time zones, Kathleen’s presence and wisdom as a teacher knitted us together as a small family, creating a sacred space for us to share our experiences of the past and present – new insights and older, familiar memories of our loved ones…. feathered, finned and furred!

Like a beam of healing light, Kathleen’s love of animals and her respect and integrity for them is always shining through and I know the Universe feels that too! I was very fortunate to meet with Kathleen (and her sister) in Miami once for brunch. Kathleen was the same person at the table as she was the teacher on the phone…. a truly
genuine person who cares deeply for the animals and the people who love

Thanks Kathleen, for all you do. I look forward to see how your path continues to unfold!


Beth Zarzycki,

I have been a Reiki practitioner for many years and have focused mainly on treating humans. I recently came across Kathleen’s book “Animal Reiki”. After reading the first chapter, I knew it was time for me to include animals in my healing practice. I immediately signed up for Kathleen’s level 1 training class. I cannot express how this class opened so many new doors for me. I felt compelled to enroll in her level 2 training.
Kathleen you are a truly gifted and compassionate teacher. Words cannot express the break-through experiences I have had as a result of your classes.
I can’t think of a better place to learn about animal Reiki than Brighthaven. What a special and beautiful place. All those precious animals and all that love!
Thank you again Kathleen!


Thank you for teaching us the Level 2 class! You are an inspiring and amazing Reiki Master, and in addition to bringing in the Reiki energy, your own energy adds beauty and grace to the healing space which you provide in your classes.


Kathleen, thank you for the past few weeks. I have learned so much from you in such a short period of time. You are truly an inspiration for Reiki Masters who love animals! When I went through all my prior Reiki training, we were told that we could give Reiki to animals, and that was the extent of our Animal Reiki training. Although I always knew that I could give Reiki to animals, I never knew how to comfortably go about it. Now, thanks to you, I do. I have such new insight, understanding and appreciation for working with my canine friends. Thank you again. Thanks to all that you’ve taught me, many dogs in New Jersey will now receive the blessing of Reiki. I look forward to learning more from you in the future. God Bless you always.

Caly Lehrer, Reiki Master
New Jersey

I found Kathleen’s ad in a horse wellness magazine; went to her web site and read how Reiki helps animals. When I read the part about helping animals who are ready to pass over I cried! How I wished I had known about this several years ago when our beloved Beanie (sweet little Chihuahua) was so sick and finally died. But I thought, she is now beyond my help but I can help the animals that are in our family at this time.

I went to a local class offering Reiki Level I then started Kathleen’s animal Reiki correspondence course. Kathleen is a super teacher, the lessons are easy to do; well written and Kathleen is so helpful throughout the 5 weeks and beyond! Feedback from Kathleen is most helpful and always encouraging, she is always there to boost your confidence when you feel things haven’t gone right!

I also purchased Kathleen and Elizabeth’s book, “Animal Reiki”; this goes hand in hand with the lessons. It is a valuable tool to have as a reference source; one that I will read and re-read many times. Very, very helpful!!

I am just learning this wonder work and I enjoy the quiet working with animals, listening for them to “tell” me how to help them. To me this is much more rewarding and challenging than working with people; you have to go inside yourself and be “still” to hear the animals speak to you with their hearts. My main focus is in this work, the animals I love the most are horses, especially my beloved rescue horse Gilly. This will be a lifetime of learning from all the wonderful creatures that we share this world with.

Thank you so much Kathleen for this wonderful source of knowledge and leading me to Reiki!! –Many Blessings

Jane Augenstein, Reiki Level II

Being on the cutting edge with Animal Reiki sometimes feels like speaking a foreign language to neighbors, family and co-workers. Kathleen’s support and guidance has been invaluable as I start this new journey.

Genene Valleau, Reiki Master

I am a Reiki II Practitioner and just completed the Animal Reiki Workshop Core Curriculum teleclass. The information that Kathleen presented to us was great and very useful. Starting each class with a meditation was especially enjoyable. I also learned a lot from the other students who joined in on the teleclass. Each came from a different part of the country and circumstance, but we were all there for a common reason – Reiki. I feel that we all learned from each other. Thank you, Kathleen for helping me in my quest to use the healing energy of Reiki for the highest good of animals that I treat!

Sharon Roberts

The Animal Reiki Workshop was a wonderful experience. It taught me how to truly trust Reiki. I learned how to be more effective when giving a treatment by allowing the animals to be my teachers and guide me on where and when they need healing. It set me free! I worry less about technique and focus more on being a channel full of love and compassion through which Reiki heals. Thank you, Kathleen!

Italia Millan

I am sad since this is the first Sunday I will sit at my computer and not have to send a lesson plan for your perusal and approval. Kudos for making the past 5 weeks so exciting and eventful. This course has not only expanded my knowledge of the animal/reiki connection but given me the necessary kick the universe has been asking of if not demanding of me. I am happy to know that you are out there. I reccommend this course to any reiki practitioner who wishes to expand his or her connection to the universe!

Marcia Thrasher

I have completed Levels 1 & 2 Animal Reiki Training from Kathleen and through these courses and the power of Reiki, I have grown spiritually and continue to deepen my awareness and connection to the spirits of animals and people on a level I had never imagined. Thanks Kathleen.


I’ve been a Reiki Master for almost a year treating people and attempting to treat animals. After taking Kathleens’ course, everything fell into place. I found many techniques that I used on people, didn’t have the same results for animals. I’m so grateful to Kathleen for her excellent class and follow-up feedback. Thank you!

Barbara Tierney
Reiki Master, Mahopac, NY

Kathleen’s Advanced Animal Reiki Workshop more than met my expectations. Each class was well structured and built upon prior topics. The exercises, meditations, affirmations, and visualizations were all designed to facilitate my ability to communicate with and effectively treat animals. Kathleen is down-to-earth, insightful, very supportive, and is a talented communicator. She brings energy, serenity, and humor to each class. I cannot wait to take additional classes with her and would highly recommend her classes to animal lovers and Reiki practitioners everywhere.

Richard Harris

Participating in the Level 1 Animal Reiki class was, for me, a life broadening experience. The powerful meditations and real-life accounts of Reiki healing related by Kathleen were inspiring and thought-provoking. The clear instruction made it easy to begin practicing right away. On top of the amazing class, Kathleen is an open and down-to-earth teacher whose compassion for animals glows about her. I am looking forward to taking more classes with Kathleen!

Megan Sibigtroth

It was so delightful meeting you and learning Reiki 1 thru you! Since my inner guidance had strongly drawn me to your class, it was no surprise that I resonated so much with your spiritual philosophy and your way of teaching. Your gentle approach and clarity seem to mirror the essence of Reiki itself. In addition, Bright Haven is such a wonderful place to experience being with animals and offering healing to them.

Jenny Jones

This class has been invaluable in giving me the confidence to move out into the world with Reiki for animals. Thank you so much, Kathleen, for putting it together and creating such a non-judgmental learning environment.

Penny Peterson
Reiki II Practitioner

Kathleen’s book “Animal Reiki” is an invaluable resource guide to Reiki application for animals. Taking her course absolutely validated the wonderful use of Reiki to help our animal friends. If you don’t live close enough to attend a workshop, reading the book and taking a telecourse is the next best thing to being there!

Pat Hennessy
CTTP, CPDT, Reiki I Practitioner

Kathleen is such a wonderful teacher and mentor. I have to say that taking Kathleen’s Animal Reiki teleclass has been a life changing event for me. I am certain that had I not taken this class, I would not have been able to offer Reiki effectively to animals. Kathleen’s class has given me the knowledge to not only offer Reiki to animals, but also has helped me to have the confidence to reach out to an area shelter to volunteer Reiki to the shelter animals. Being able to help shelter animals in this way has been such a wonderful and fulfilling experience for me. Thank you, Kathleen!

Kay Robinson
Reiki II Practitioner, Georgia

The “Animal Reiki Workshop” gave me the direction, knowledge and confidence to work with and help animals, the reason I started learning Reiki in the first place. The course is very thorough and well planned. Quality wasn’t compromised by doing the course by correspondence, as Kathleen was very supportive and encouraging, answering emails promptly and questions thoroughly. This is a great course for anyone wanting to expand into the animal Reiki realm.

Naomi Roulston
Reiki II Practitioner, Japan

Thank you so much for the Animal Reiki Workshop through Correspondence Course, Kathleen; I learned so much! When I told a friend I was going to take your class, she said, “What’s to learn? Don’t you just do a treatment like you do with people?” There was so much to learn because animals are so different. I particularly enjoyed learning how to read the animal’s body language to gauge how they’re accepting the treatment, as well as recommended treatment course. Your willingness to share all your experience really helped me work through the learning curve quickly and confidently [not that there isn’t lots more to learn]. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Nancy O’Donohue
Reiki Master, Michigan

Kathleen epitomizes Reiki and is an inspiration in her word, action and deed. The programs that she offers are in the “real world” and enable the student to apply all the steps easily and thoroughly. Her support through the process is second to none and her warmth and genuine selflessness can be sensed in every word.

The basic Animal Reiki course by correspondence is simple but complete and eases the student into the area of learning to heal animals with encouragement, validation and empathy. She has thought it out completely having foresight to answer the student’s questions almost as they are about to occur, allowing the individual to feel “normal” in their trepidations.

Kathleen’s new book Animal Reiki should be a companion book for the correspondence course since the two go hand in hand so well. I recommend it whole heartedly and found that in much of the content I could recognize myself and the behaviour that I had seen in my animals. This coupled with the correspondence courses that she offers and her active personalized participation in the learner’s progress give the distance student a full circle experience.

British Columbia, Canada

I had been using Reiki on animals for a little while before I found Kathleen’s website. Since doing her Animal Reiki course via correspondence I have found the confidence to approach other animal health practitioners and veterinarians about the role Reiki can play in animal health. Kathleen’s course has helped to confirm some of the things I was already doing, and has taught me other techniques for giving Reiki to animals. She is an extremely wonderful person who is always available to answer your questions and to give you encouragement. I highly recommend this course.

Eileen McLean
“Natural Animal Care”, Australia

When I signed up to take a correspondence course on Animal Reiki from Kathleen, I admit I was skeptical. I thought “How can I take a course from a woman on the other side of the country, and how can I effectively practice what she is going to teach me? And homework – how?” But the lessons were so “right on” and the homework so challenging that I looked forward each week to the homework for the next lesson. When I had completed the course I went to my animal patients with a new confidence and excitement. I recently received my copy of her book, Animal Reiki: Using Energy to Heal the Animals in Your Life, and it has inspired me to go even further with animal Reiki therapy. Kathleen Prasad is truly a compassionate and gifted teacher, and I am grateful to her for the lessons she taught me about animals and their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Diane Hedges

Kathleen’s core curriculum correspondence course has enhanced my Reiki practice and taken it to a new, deeper level. My expectations were exceeded. The weekly lessons and feedback were very insightful. Every question I had was generously answered in detail. Kathleen’s compassion and love for animals shine through every word. I would encourage every Reiki practitioner to invest in this course, whether they plan to focus on treating animals or not. It is a privilege to get the opportunity to learn from this incredible teacher.

Julie A. Keefe

I took Kathleen’s Correspondence course knowing I wanted to deepen my ability to work with animals. I looked forward to each lesson and found Kathleen’s support very valuable to the work I am now doing with animals. There were things I learned that have become a strong foundation to my work with Animals. I got reinforced in my knowledge and learned new aspects of giving Reiki treatments with animals. I would recommend everyone who wants to work with animals to take the course. Kathleen has much to teach and it is a honor to be learning from her.

Judy Bullard
Reiki Master, Maine

I have just completed the 5 week correspondence course with Kathleen. The information provided within this time has been very useful. Many thanks Kathleen for the feedback you have given me throughout this course. It has helped me greatly and also given personal clarification while working with animals. I have enjoyed this course and looking forward to further contact.

Anita Petronella B.
Reiki Master/Teacher, Queensland Australia

Having practiced veterinary medicine for nearly 20 years and having been involved with holistic veterinary medicine for six years now, I can truly say that until Kathleen’s Level 1 and Level 2 courses in Animal Reiki, I was not able to properly address the entire scope of wholeness and holistic healing that I have sought for so long.

Early on I became aware of just how closely our animal companions monitor the every nuance of our moods and emotions. Having practiced veterinary medicine in a town that serves one of the largest military family communities in the world, I quickly found myself front and center with how the stress of our lives is absorbed by our animal companions. The first Iraq war brought such stress related syndromes to the companion animals of the military left behind. The historical reporting of war brought so much stress that it was predictable as to what I would find in my veterinary practice the following day. The living rooms of the other household members left at home in that war became my learning arena for just how capable our animal companions are to absorbing and mirroring our stress.

Until I found Animal Reiki Source, there was a huge deficit in my ability to address the emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances found within my patient’s households. Animals recognize and can be affected by your emotional state. Kathleen understands that the sympathetic connection that allows animals to manifest and reflect human problems is one of the most subtle of the lessons that animals teach us, yet one of the most profound. Even the Reiki practitioner must be aware of this and be capable of centering oneself through the profound transformation of personal Reiki practice.

Learning Reiki shows how profound transformations can be obtained for both the humans and animals, utilizing the core language of Reiki, which is the universal language of love and compassion for the highest good. This is a language universal to all beings. In no other healing modality is there such a relationship established for peace and relaxation for the effect of healing. Nowhere in any veterinary school did I learn the tools I would need to treat what is essentially 75% of the disharmonies I see with disease, that being the mental, emotional and spiritual. I did learn to treat the 25% of disease that exhibits in the physical world as physical; however it was not until I learned Reiki for animals that I learned the technique needed to truly integrate a health and wellness approach that addressed where the root of disease emerges. I can never express enough gratitude for learning the most essential ingredient to becoming a true healer. Animal Reiki has given me the language of universal communication necessary to help every situation for the highest good and the knowledge that now I am helping to heal all the levels of disharmony within the animals I treat.

Patricia Monahan Jordan
DVM, CVA, CTCVM & Herbology

I have a good feeling about the class, and had the opportunity to ask all the questions that I had. The Reiki I class was very practical, and I have the feeling that now that I’ve finished it, I will be able to do it! Thanks a lot for everything, Kathleen. It was a real pleasure to meet you and learn from you!

Sylviane Binz

I truly enjoyed the Animal Reiki Correspondence Course. I would like to give a big thank you to Kathleen for having this course available. Each week was full of useful information, thorough and thought provoking. Your responses to my homework were encouraging and informational. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in practicing Reiki on animals.

Hollice Dickens

Having been a Reiki practitioner for the past 12 years and having been owned by some 10 dogs in that period, I’ve naturally become quite interested in using Reiki with animals. I was led to Kathleen’s web site and online class early this year (2006). I was very pleased with the lessons and the format and with Kathleen’s responses and critiques of my homework assignments. I was inspired by those assignments to offer a Reiki class at a local animal shelter which is currently in the organization stage, but will happen in the near future. I am also giving Reiki to two dogs at the shelter who have some very serious health issues. It was very enlightening to learn of the differences in how to approach Reiki with animals as opposed to humans. I now understand better what my dogs have been trying to tell me for years! As it happens, one of my dogs has an injured knee so the timing of the course was perfect. I am excited to see what possibilities this course opens up for me and I thank Kathleen for her knowledge and wisdom.

John Sawyer
Threshold Reiki Master, PA

Thank you very much for your input, insight, guidance, experience and wisdom. They are invaluable and you are very encouraging and motivational.

Jill Ungar
Sarasota, Florida

When I took my Level 1 & 2 Reiki I was disappointed that there wasn’t a whole lot of information on Reiki for animals which is my main interest. I went on a search for Animal Reiki information and decided to take Kathleen’s correspondence course. I looked forward to the weekly assignments and being able to choose the ones I was most comfortable with at the time. The lessons were packed with information both confirming things I had learned on my own as well as much new information which I now use on a regular basis. Kathleen is a wonderful teacher and provided excellent feedback on my Reiki experiences. I now feel much more comfortable in introducing Reiki to animals and their people. I thoroughly enjoyed this class and recommend it to anyone wanting to share Reiki with animals. Thank you so much Kathleen!

Pam Clifford
Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada

I’m a volunteer foster parent for the SPCA and I was looking for an additional way to help my often sick and frightened under-aged kittens. Kathleen’s Reiki class was my first introduction to alternative healing. I was a bit skeptical – I hadn’t even experienced Reiki on myself. Kathleen’s training style was gentle, concise, and practical. During the training, she weaved in her own stories about the subtle and not-so-subtle results of Reiki. In addition to learning the techniques and protocols of Reiki, Kathleen encouraged me to observe, document, and make my own decisions about Reiki over time.

I went home after the first day of our 2-day training to find my kittens responding quite differently to me. One wouldn’t get near me (normally they climb all over me), another allowed me to hold him, but stared wide-eyed at me the entire time. Two of them were sick and I offered them Reiki. The next day they were noticeably better.

Over time, I have witnessed the effects of Reiki on my kittens, on myself, and on others. I know I have much yet to learn and experience, but from what I’ve seen so far, it’s awesome! Thank you Reiki and thank you Kathleen!

Joyce Leonard
San Francisco SPCA Foster Parent Volunteer

I learned such a lot on the 5 Lesson Correspondance Course. The techniques for gaining trust, and sending Reiki hands-off rather than rushing in ‘hands-on’ from the start, plus looking for the acceptance signs were particualrly useful. In fact, I now use many of these learnings with ‘human’ Reiki, and have found them to be most beneficial. I found Kathleen was a superb teacher, and responded to homework and queries with some excellent feedback. I thoroughly recommend this course for anyone wanting to make their aniumal Reiki more effective.

David Griffiths
Reiki I Practitioner in Wolverhampton, England

I truly enjoyed the Animal Reiki Correspondence Course. Kathleen demonstrates a vast knowledge of Reiki. She is also very compassionate about the animals she helps. The lessons were challenging and helped me to broaden my Reiki horizon. After completing each lesson I would receive a personal response from Kathleen. Her responses were encouraging and informational. After completing the course I felt I was ready to bring Reiki to the animal world. Thanks Kathleen for a wonderful experience.

Lynn Toomey
Reiki Master, Massachusetts

I have recently completed Kathleen’s five week on-line animal Reiki course. It was wonderful! I found the information Kathleen provided each week to be thorough and thought provoking. Her weekly homework suggestions were varied and greatly helped me build confidence with animals and their loved ones. Also, her responses to both my homework assignments and my questions were valuable and supportive. As a result of working with Kathleen, I feel further affirmed in the power of Reiki to heal our animal friends. She helped enhance my skills to further my goals as an animal Reiki practitioner. Thank you so much Kathleen!

Susan Duesbery

Since I wanted to take an animal Reiki workshop from the east coast, and I work 12 hour nights in a hospital, I chose the correspondence class. Kathleen has a wonderful class to give out over a 5 week period. The classes are clear and concise. The homework does not seem like work because it is enjoyable. The part I am most grateful for is that during the class I was able to ask questions about personal experiences that came up due to the criteria being studied. She was gracious in taking the time to answer these along side of helping with the class material. I recommend this class to anyone who has a busy schedule, but has a desire to work the Animal Reiki workshop into their life somehow.

Sarah Stephenson
Reiki Master, Virginia

It [the Animal Reiki Workshop] was very helpful to have the chance to review AND advance my insight into Reiki. Having Reiki for about 1 1/2 years and using it, gave me time to formulate questions based on my own experience and discuss them. I really liked the homework.

Carrie Ann Calay
Animal Reiki Practitioner, Oakland, California

Having just completed your 5 week correspondence course, I would just like to say a huge thank you to you for helping me with all I have learned during this time. Each of the 5 emails were crammed full of useful information, but it was very readable and easy to understand. The practical exercises were just that, and by doing them each week, I learned a lot about how animals respond to the Reiki energy – much more fun and useful than school homework! The feedback and suggestions that I received in response to my homework was invaluable, and Kathleen’s experience and love of this subject shines through. There is much more still to learn, and I look forward to continuing my journey with Kathleen by email and phone.

Chrissie Slade
Reiki Master in Reading, England

There has been sibling rivalry between my 2 cats for 11 years. Upon completion of Kathleen’s Animal Reiki I, I went home and did treatments on both cats. The next day Jake and Callie were noticeably nicer to each other. Jake is a chowhound. After the second treatment on him, I saw him take a break in eating his dinner to let Callie eat from his dish. Incredible!

Marilyn Dong

Thanks again for the Animal Reiki course. I really enjoyed it and believe that I’ll be able to use most of the material as I ease myself into volunteering at a shelter in the near term.

Lori Wilson
Reiki II Practitioner, Pennsylvania

Kathleen’s “Strategies and Guidelines for Working with Reiki and Animals” was an invaluable resource for me as a beginning animal Reiki practitioner. My initial Reiki training did not offer any suggestions on how to apply my healing skills to four-legged clients – Kathleen’s class was a godsend! The information she provided in her five-week teleclass was just what I needed to get myself pointed in the right direction. I highly recommend this class to anyone interested in practicing Reiki on animals.

Elizabeth A. Maginnis
Certified Reiki II Practitioner and Owner,
Sunrise Holistic, Rochester, NY

I’m so grateful that the universe pointed me to Kathleen’s website a few months ago! The information and anecdotes that she shares in her Animal Reiki Workshop are invaluable. This experience has given me a great boost of confidence in doing energy work with animals – and also in being able to explain it to their ‘people’ in a down-to-earth manner. Thank you!

Jennifer Schneidewent
Reiki Master, Durham, North Carolina

(I enjoyed) all of it! The information and stories were great. It was really great practicing and seeing the results on the animals — proof that it works!!

Karin Hempel
Alameda, CA

I enjoyed every single minute! I love your easy style of behaving which makes learning a pleasure. Also it was wonderful to watch your interaction with the animals. You show such reverence for all life.

Gail Pope
President, BrightHaven Sanctuary

I really liked that it was presented in a down-to-earth way. Helpful explanations on the workings of Reiki and how to specifically approach animals.

Susanna Anthony
Manager, BrightHaven Sanctuary

I really enjoyed the entire thing–most of all I appreciated the approach: relax, find your way, and mostly this is not about you. You brought me a very nice grounded space to learn/work/heal in.

Suzy Tomlinson
Staff, BrightHaven Sanctuary

(I enjoyed) everything about the class. It was presented in a way that was very comfortable and made sense.

Sam Pieper
Animal Care Giver

I enjoyed your personal stories/experiments and the hands-on learning. You are an articulate and compassionate teacher. Exceptional–I loved it!

Susan Burns
Volunteer: BrightHaven and the Marine Mammal Center

Great presentation. The instructor spoke on a level that was understandable by a beginner. Lots of interesting insights and hands-on experience.

Linda Ghidossi-Deluca

(I enjoyed) everything: nice pace, time for questions, good information. The class made it clear we could ALL do this–even if we didn’t think we could!

Corky Sinclair
Sanctuary Volunteer

(I enjoyed) your organized presentation and practical application!

Fray Huffman
Animal Care Giver

(I enjoyed) everything! Thank you so much!

Blanca Dominguez
Animal Care Giver

(I enjoyed) the ease with which you explain and the actual physical steps given rather than just philosophy. Please make the class longer–I want to learn so much more that I know you know!

Gloria Herrera, Reiki Master
Port Hueneme, CA

Very interesting and informative. I loved the sharing of the Reiki stories. I learned so much, thank you!

Laura Foley-Gray, Master Groomer
Shell Beach, CA

(I enjoyed) learning the theory of Reiki and how it can be accessed with such ease, and also how Reiki knows where it is needed.

Susan McArthur
Mac Tutor

Great experience and interaction. Hands-on practice is very helpful. Wonderful to receive treatments as well. I personally intend to continue on the path of Reiki.

Ali Rusch
Dog Trainer

I enjoyed your easy to understand explanations about Reiki and the pacing of instruction and delivery.

Janet Cunningham
Middle School Teacher and Feral Cat Rescue Volunteer

[I enjoyed] the overall feeling I got in the class. I felt relaxed and empowered throughout both days. The way the material was presented was great. I enjoyed every minute.

Christina Rohla
Dog Care Assistant

I liked that it started to change my perspective on the possibilities of the mind–especially relating to my healing. I have a good feeling that this is the next level of healing for me. Thank you for bringing Reiki to Guide Dogs.

Jennifer Sedna
Program Coordinator

I am open minded, but also a doubting Thomas. This class was set up with enough experiences so the verbal lessons could be believed, because you got to actually experience the sensations of Reiki.

Dana Cunningham
Kennel Training Supervisor

Your presentation was clear, organized, and thoughtful. It’s wonderful to hear someone speak and share their life passion in an honest way with the intention of spreading more help to our animals on this planet.

Beth Hamilton
Instructor/Graduate Services Specialist

[I enjoyed] all of it. Very clear explanations, well-structured. The animal stories were helpful.

Larissa Montfort
Guide Dog Instructor

[I enjoyed] the hands on with both people and dogs. That really helps make the concepts “real” because you can feel/see the change. [The class] was very educational and mind-expanding. What a great way to help dogs and other animals. I feel fortunate to have this opportunity.

Kelli Danielsen
Program Manager, Guide Dogs

Reiki is amazing. When I first heard about Reiki, I was somewhat skeptical, but I have since become a believer. My stepmother was diagnosed with a terminal illness several years ago, and she received a Reiki treatment while on vacation. Her pain and suffering was lessened considerably. The experience was so beneficial, that we immediately began looking for practitioners in our area. Since none could be found, I decided to become initiated specifically to help her through her pain. That was when Reiki changed my life for the better.

Kathleen Prasad initiated me over a year ago, and I’ve been practicing first level Reiki since. Not only did it help alleviate my stepmother’s pain and help in her passing, it also has helped other people and animals around me. Days after being initiated, I worked to help raise and rehabilitate orphaned fawns. They loved Reiki. The wild animals would jump in my lap and fight to be under my hands. I’ve worked with these animals for many years previously and had never witnessed this type of response. I also found that other animals began coming up to me and seeking out Reiki. An injured cat came over and placed his hind quarters under my hands. I didn’t realize until the next day that the cat’s leg had an open gash and was swollen. Animals seem to have an innate sense about the power of Reiki.

An additional benefit to Reiki, is my own level of health. I’ve experienced excellent health all year. Even when I did catch a cold, it lasted only a few days and was very mild. Reiki also has alleviated my headaches and virtually eliminated my roommate’s migraines. I still don’t fully understand the ways of Reiki, but I’m convinced that it works! I can’t wait to get level 2 Reiki this year so I can do distant treatments.

Thank you Kathleen for introducing me to the awesome world of Reiki!

Diane Clark
Lakewood, CA

Some tough problems solved by Reiki

Shingles is not an uncommon malady caused by a latent viral infection (similar to the chickenpox virus varicella zoster, then herpes zoster) that often resides in peripheral nerves. The symptoms during a flare-up can be debilitating, usually with severe pain and skin rashes. Allopathy is still working to find an effective treatment and cure. Having suffered with shingles for over a year, I was certainly willing to entertain alternative methods of treatment. Hell, I would have tried almost anything. I am, by nature, a skeptical person who doesn’t trust much of what has been tagged as “new age” (you know… crystals, harmonic convergence and the like).

I was treated by Reiki only twice in a period of 4 days and my symptoms waned to nothing. I have been symptom-free for over 18 months. Even a skeptic such as myself cannot dismiss these results! I don’t pretend to understand how Reiki works ( yes, I’m familiar with the descriptions of Universal Life Force), but it occurs to me that understanding, while comforting, should not be an absolute prerequisite for acknowledging a phenomenon.

About a year after my “cure”, I decided to undertake my first Reiki initiation because I love animals and I wanted to be closer to them and to be able to offer help when they are hurting (especially the animals with whom I share my life and home). I’m still very much in the practice/learning stage of my Reiki journey, but I have been able to witness the effectiveness of Reiki in treating disseminated arthritis in Frankie, one of our much-loved dachshunds. He was being treated with prednisone (a powerful antiinflammatory drug…a steroid) which was very effective in relieving his most severe symptoms. I knew that I wanted to wean him off this medication, though, because of it’s nasty long-term side effects. I also knew that there was a good chance that his symptoms might reoccur upon stopping the prednisone. Accordingly, I started giving him Reiki daily for short periods of time (he didn’t seem to like any more than about 7 minutes per session). It’s now been over two weeks since he’s been off the prednisone and he is still pain-free. I realize that only a short period of time has elapsed since he’s been off prednisone, but I’m very encouraged by the initial response and am hopeful that continued Reiki therapy will keep him feeling great!

Becoming involved more with Reiki as a practitioner has yielded so many personal benefits that it is almost embarrassing to enumerate them all. Suffice it to say that my life has taken a more positive direction and I’m very excited about what the future may hold.

Bill Cole
Denver, CO

Before my initiation into first degree Reiki, my right hip joint was a source of constant pain. It was a pain that kept me awake at night and forced me to give up, first tennis and, ultimately, my daily three mile walk. I had the feeling that I was getting old very quickly.

My doctor prescribed powerful pain killers and months of physical therapy. Neither helped.

Now, using the hands-on technique called Reiki, I give myself regular treatments for my hip. I have been pain free for over a year and the feeling of empowerment that I get from being able to treat myself is amazing. Reiki is a powerful healing tool and it is so easy to use that I recommend it to anyone who wishes to help themselves and others.

Judy Edwards
Denver, CO

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