The HEART YOUR ANIMALS Teleclass Series



In this audio course, discover how the awesome power of meditation can heal our animals and us! Choose your favorite or get the whole series:

Theme of this Series: Kathleen Prasad has devoted her life to Reiki meditation practice with animals for over seventeen years. In this special audio series, Kathleen shares what she has learned from animals and Reiki along the way: a gentle yet powerful way to deepen our own healing journey with the wisdom and compassion offered by our animal teachers. During each 60-minute audio, Kathleen will guide you through a contemplative and compassionate approach to transforming your relationship to your inner self, to the animals you love and to the world around you.  

Experience Healing: In addition to engaging in thoughtful discussion and contemplation, Kathleen will guide participants in a special healing meditation each class. These meditations will shift your state of mind and heart to be able to see more deeply, to the very heart of things-a practice that will help you to realize the beauty, power and perfection in every moment.  Once you begin to shift your state of mind through practicing these meditations, you will begin see extraordinary responses from animals!

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The Heart of HealingThe Heart of Healing Audio
Simple Ways to Boost the Bond Between You and Your Animal

Cost $39 


In this class, we will discuss commonly held ideas of “healing” and what true healing really means. The more we open our hearts to the inner light of being that exists within us, the more we are able to access infinite healing potential. No matter what difficulties we may face, our inner light shines always perfectly and strongly. The more we can rediscover this within ourselves, the easier it is to see this within our animals. Our animals already see the perfection within us, we just need to learn how to do the same for them. When we do, our relationship will go to a much deeper level. Through guided meditation we will also explore healing as it relates to forgiveness, courage, humility, meditation practice and gratitude.

The Heart of ConnectionThe Heart of Connection Audio
Simple Ways to Dissolve Differences to Help Your Animals When They Need You Most

Cost: $39


Normally, we think of ourselves as quite different and separate from our animals. We often block our ability to understand and assist to our animals by this kind of dualistic thinking. This becomes especially apparent when our animals are sick and our emotions get the best of us. It becomes very difficult to help them. What if we could soften the edges that separate us and remember that truly, in our deepest hearts, we are not so different after all?  What if we could harness our inner healing power to support our animals when they are struggling the most? In this class we will explore ways to deepen connection and healing through guided meditation and by practicing patience, courage, compassion, humility and optimism.  

The Heart of ChangeThe Heart of Change Audio
Simple Ways to Embrace Impermanence for the Good of Our Animals

Cost: $39


In a world that fears change, it’s hard to imagine that we could ever embrace it, yet when we do, our relationship with our animals can go so much deeper!  Experience yourself as so much more powerful, patient and compassionate than you ever thought you could be. Through guided meditation, find an inner strength blossoming as you realign with your inner heart through surrender, compassion and service.  Watch as animals become drawn to your new state of mind and heart!


The Heart of StruggleThe Heart of Struggle Audio
Simple Ways to Surround Yourself and Your Animals With Peace in Difficult Times

Cost: $39


When times are tough, we might sometimes feel like giving up. It’s not always easy to find the strength to keep going for animals we love. Through guided meditation and discussion, this class will offer ways to work through anger, dissolve fear, and remember our inner heart of optimism and compassion.  With mindful practice, and the help of your animals, it is possible to get through anything in life with peacefulness and grace!



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