kathleen's dog named dakota

“In their innocence and wisdom, in their connection to the earth and its most ancient rhythms, animals show us a way back to a home they have never left.”

― Susan Chernak McElroy

I created World Animal Reiki Day (WARD) in 2016 as a way for animal lovers and the animal Reiki community to come together and celebrate our beloved animal friends as teachers and healers.

Why February 5? This was Dakota’s birthday. Dakota was my faithful dog and Animal Reiki teacher for 16 and 1/2 years. He was the dog who gave me my start in sharing Reiki with animals, showing me 1) that animals enjoy Reiki and benefit very much from the peace and healing space it creates and even more amazingly 2) that animals sense the space when we practice (even with physical touch or our intent to share it with them) and 3) that they know how to step into the Reiki space for whatever they need at their own comfort level. It took many years for me to internalize these lessons enough that I could let go of human protocol and trust animals to lead the Reiki sessions I shared with them, but Dakota was the very first who led the way!

I’m so excited to honor his memory again this year by celebrating all animals with all of you! Although he passed away in 2007, his legacy can be found in the beautiful service for animals in need created by SARA members and WARD participants all over the world. Our animals are so precious, and although they never live long enough, we can continue to honor the gifts and lessons they have brought us by paying it forward through sharing Reiki with animals who cross our paths and share our lives.

In this month’s special Animal Reiki Talk, I share the story of how Dakota and I found each other, and how he showed me how Reiki can support animals (thus changing my life forever!).

I also share a special meditation for the animals of the world as well as a virtual group Reiju for all listeners. CLICK HERE to listen in and share the healing!

Help unite the world Animal Reiki community by sharing your thoughts, messages and pictures of your celebration of World Animal Reiki Day all week long on the SARA Facebook page. For Twitter: #WorldAnimalReikiDay and #WARD2021 and tag SARA @SARA_news.

Stay safe, be well, and may the animals light your way,

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