Animal Reiki Source Newsletter: Winter 2013


By Margaret Churchill

I work part time in a local holistic food pet store offering Reiki to the owner’s clientele.

 Sometimes, one of the animals we work with touches our hearts in such a way that you can’t stop thinking about them after a session has been completed. I had one such Animal Reiki session with a Sphynx that I want to share with you.

tina-sphynxTina was a 9 weeks old grey Sphynx. I had seen this kind of species before but never had the opportunity to send Reiki to one.

Sphynxes are interesting cats. Very intelligent and love to swim. They are hairless, so no dander (cause for allergies).  They also are much like dogs in that they will ‘sniff’ a person too upon being introduced.

Tina came with Pitou, a young grey and white Shitzu who bonded quickly with her when she arrived in the owner’s home. Such a cutie he was…but he peed several times during the session (Reiki at work perhaps releasing some toxins?) Pitou was the reason her owner, along with her daughter, brought him in, but it turned out that Tina needed the treatment more.

Tina was extremely affectionate (as the owner told me they are). First, I asked her permission to send her healing energy and when she crawled into my lap, I took that as a ‘yes’. The energy that came through my hands was very powerful, very strong and very hot. Tina accepted the Reiki well and I was drawn to connect it to her heart. I envisioned a rainbow from my heart to hers and what I learned or what the message was that came to me spiritually was that she was extremely sad.  The message that I ‘felt’ and received was that Tina missed her brother, Arnold whom she was taken from.  There was no mother, just Arnold and her. I relayed that to the client.

My client said that Arnold made a terrible scene when Tina was taken away but because Tina didn’t seem to respond, she thought she was okay with the transition. My guess is that Tina didn’t know what was happening at the time or didn’t believe that she and Arnold would be separated forever. Tina’s sadness was very strong and hard not to get caught up in it. I could feel her energy overflowing in my heart and I found I was fighting back my own tears as I empathized with her. It was not easy.

Tina also had a ‘weepy’ left eye which the client hoped would be cured by the Reiki. What I learned from a Reiki Master here in Ottawa is that the left eye is the eye of Spirit. An Angel therapist confirms that when he does a reading he focuses on the person’s left eye, the eye where Spirit comes through. If this is true and I believe it to be so, then poor Tina’s spiritual heart was breaking. I sent her the emotional healing Reiki.

When I connected with her stomach area (3rd Chakra), I ‘got’ that her food was the culprit for the weepy eye and I did suggest to the client to look at a holistic supplement as an alternative. The one I suggested and use on my cats, would not interfere with Tina’s meds from the vet, which were the eye drops (Not working I might add!).

As I felt the energy slowly dissipate which to me is a sign that the session is coming to an end. I ended the session by thanking Tina. It was an indeed an honor to work with her. I watched as Tina wandered off my lap into an open pet crate located behind me. It had a pet bed in it. Tina walked in and faced the back…just looking.  Again, from the heart, I could really sense her sorrow. She turned around and looked at me and both eyes were full of tears. Oh dear! I think she was in the crate to say, “Take me back home.” 

As the session wound down, my client noticed that Tina’s eyes were completely dried and she couldn’t believe it.

She took my card and may call me to come to her house for some more Reiki if not for Tina then for Pitou.

The interesting thing is that the client had lost sight in her left eye and that was the infected eye with Tina as well I know that animals take on our illnesses and this might have been the case here. I mentioned to the client how our animals take on our injuries energetically and how to release their stress was to tell them not to ‘take it on.’  The client must have been very open because she was yawning a lot during the session, a sign of acceptance of the Reiki energy.

The client suggested a play date with Arnold. At first I thought it would cause Tina more grief especially when they had to depart, but I quickly recanted. “Just make sure you tell her that she is there for a ‘play date’ and can’t stay,” I cautioned. If the client who is friends with the breeder can do ‘play dates’ from time to time then that should help elevate Tina’s sorrow.

As the client and her daughter left the session she said aloud to her daughter who was holding her, “Wow! She is really hugging you!” Perhaps the daughter needed to feel love too, who knows? But my feeling was that little Tina needed a hug.

Tina fills my heart each and every day. It broke my heart that she wasn’t with her beloved Arnold, but one never knows, maybe one day that too will change.

About the Author:  Margaret Churchill  lives in Ottawa Canada . Her company is   and she performs Animal Reiki for all animals, large or small, wild or domestic. She can be contacted at

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