Unexpected Reiki Connections

April May June 2010

By Liza Beer 

My little pit bull, Sunny had torn her pads a few days ago and she also seemed to be feeling a bit under the weather. I set my intent to offer her and my other two dogs, Willow and Zoie Reiki.



Liza & Cheyenne

About 15 minutes into the Reiki session I had a flash of my dog Cheyenne who passed away 5 years ago. I saw her lying on the floor in the spot where she had passed. I was so startled that my eyes flew open for a moment. I closed my eyes again right away and stayed open to whatever was supposed to come. 


I got a bit emotional with some tears welling up in my eyes. I built a bridge to help with my connection to Cheyenne. I felt that she was very open to coming across and hanging out with me. I also saw visions of her at different times throughout her life. In all of the visions Cheyenne was so happy! It seemed that that she was showing me that she was very happy to be with me in life and that she is ok now. I also sensed that she wants me to be happy. This is perfect, since I have been working with what makes me happy lately. How beautiful that my Cheyenne chose to show me/remind me of the happy times we had. For me, this is just another beautiful example of how we can set our intent, but the Reiki flows where it needs to go!

About the Author: Liza Beer is a Reiki III Practitioner/Teacher in Oregon. She can be reached at [email protected]

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