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Hi All,

I’m so grateful to be fully vaccinated and feel hope for things in the US beginning to open up more and more with each passing week! I may do some in person courses locally this summer, but I haven’t set any dates yet (I’m slowly emerging from my cave, LOL). Right now I’m still teaching all my courses online.

By the way, I’ve just released my next online certification courses: Level 1 morning and afternoon sessions, and Level 2, morning and afternoon sessions, starting in July! If you’re thinking of getting certified this summer, sign up before they sell out!

One of the wonderful things about online courses, is that I get to hear experiences from my students over 8 weeks time, instead of just 2 or 3 days, and so I get to know them so much better! I also love seeing their animals in the videos, as they often join us in the room for class and meditations each week 🙂

People often ask me about the differences between Level 1, 2 and 3 Animal Reiki certification, and the goals/teachings of each class and so that will be the topic of this month’s Animal Reiki Talk. Maybe you’re not sure which level is right for you, or you’re trying to plan your journey and want to know what to expect and where it leads. We’ll talk all about this topic and I’ll also answer questions!

May Animal Reiki Talk:

Topic: What you’ll learn in each level of Animal Reiki certification
CLICK HERE to listen in!

As always I finish with a healing circle meditation for our animals. Hope it’s helpful to you!
Stay safe, be well and may the animals light your way,

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