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Kathleen Prasad
is the world’s pioneer and leading educator in the profession of Animal Reiki, teaching energy healing for spiritually-minded animal advocates.

The Let Animals Lead® method is not just a unique, animal-guided approach to Reiki for animals, it’s also a gentle path to help humans live with more balance, peace and happiness with animals in the world.

Here at Animal Reiki Source, you’ve come to the world’s leading resource of all things Animal Reiki:

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Kathleen teaches animal lovers how to create peace and wellbeing through her energy healing courses. There’s no greater healing power than our mindful, compassionate presence.

Kathleen’s books The Let Animals Lead® Method of Animal Reiki Meditation Journal, The Let Animals Lead® 21-Day Meditation Challenge, Healing Virtues, Reiki for Dogs and Heart to Heart with Horses are empowering, innovative and deeply healing guides to creating soul-aligning relationships with animals. See all Kathleen’s books HERE.

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A Special World Animal Reiki Day Gift for You!

Animals are wise and sentient spiritual beings who deserve our respect and kindness. This is a message at the foundation of all the Let Animals Lead® method teachings. This sentiment also inspired me to create (in 2016) World Animal Reiki Day: an annual, shared and worldwide event and celebration to honor animals as teachers and … A Special World Animal Reiki Day Gift for You! Read More »
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a pug looking out the window of a car

Distracting Thoughts and Animal Reiki Meditation

I often hear from students the question, “When will my distracting thoughts go away during meditation?” Several years ago I heard a well-known Rinpoche answer this same question. He said, “When you are dead. When you die, all your thoughts will stop. Therefore you should be thankful that you have many distracting thoughts, because it … Distracting Thoughts and Animal Reiki Meditation Read More »
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a dog jumping across a cliff from 2020 to 2021

Happy New Year 2021!

This week begins a new year, with many new possibilities! Reflecting on 2020, I am so grateful for all my students and our Let Animals Lead® community for holding the light through these challenging times!
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vincent the dog curled up sleeping

It Was a Christmas Like No Other

I love this photo of Vincent all curled up for a long Winter’s nap. I think it’s a great metaphor for how many of us feel about the long-lasting effects of the pandemic: maybe we can just go to sleep and wake up when it’s over?? 🙂 Last week was the Winter Solstice, the shortest … It Was a Christmas Like No Other Read More »
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a little girl meditating with baby ducklings

6 Types of Meditation that Animal Reiki Teaches

“Meditation is thus a form of centering, which involves our disengagement from the machine of our mind and our resting in the heart.” — Georg Feuerstein The benefits of meditation on our health and wellness are many! Science shows that meditation can help us increase our self-awareness and decrease stress. Meditation can also people manage … 6 Types of Meditation that Animal Reiki Teaches Read More »
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