Kathleen Prasad sharing animal reiki with a cow

Kathleen Prasad
is the premier energy healing teacher for spiritually-minded animal advocates.

Reiki is a Japanese spiritual practice that promotes relaxation, compassion and healing. The Let Animals Lead® method is not just a unique, animal-guided approach to Reiki for animals, it’s also a gentle path to help humans live with more balance, peace and happiness with animals in the world.

Kathleen’s books The Let Animals Lead® Method of Animal Reiki Meditation Journal, The Let Animals Lead® 21-Day Meditation Challenge, Healing Virtues, Reiki for Dogs and Heart to Heart with Horses are empowering, innovative and deeply healing guides to creating soul-aligning relationships with animals.

Here at Animal Reiki Source, you’ve come to the world’s leading resource of all things Animal Reiki: information, training, certification classes, in-person and distant treatments, an inspiring blog, a library of Reiki books, a listing of world-class teachers, and a global directory of Reiki practitioners. 

Kathleen teaches animal lovers how to create peace and wellbeing through her energy healing courses. There’s no greater healing power than our mindful, compassionate presence.

We look forward to supporting you in your healing journey with the animals you love! 

See all Kathleen’s books HERE.

animal reiki source founder kathleen prasad feeding her dog

Create Peaceful, Healing Energy for Animals Now

kathleen prasad sharing reiki with horses
Kathleen Prasad cuddling with a cat
Kathleen Prasad with a snake around her neck

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The Healing Art of Holding Space

I’m so glad you’re here friends, because now more than ever the world needs the Let Animals Lead® community. This is because we dedicate our healing practice of Animal Reiki to the art of holding space for others. The symbols and mantras are some of my favorite Reiki techniques to assist in this holding of … The Healing Art of Holding Space Read More »
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a woman sitting with a cat in front of a pink and orange sunset

Reflecting on Debating from a Reiki Perspective

Thanks to everyone who emailed me with their thoughts and opinions on last week’s Reiki debate, “Can you learn Reiki remotely?” I learned so much from each of your comments, especially the idea that not being able to learn Reiki remotely would prevent people with chronic illness or special needs from learning Reiki at all. … Reflecting on Debating from a Reiki Perspective Read More »
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a dove flying out of a hand behind the earth

Dove of Peace Meditation

In light of all the stress so many of us are feeling right now, and with the spiritual help of the dove, I have created a special meditation in November’s Animal Reiki Talk to help us create a sense of peace and well-being within ourselves that we can radiate out to the world. Join me … Dove of Peace Meditation Read More »
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a dog cat and rabbit inside a heart made with two hands together

Reiki Debate Part 2: Can You Learn Reiki Remotely?

Thanks to everyone who emailed me your thoughts and opinions about last week’s debate topic (see Reiki Debate Part 1, HERE). I received some amazing and insightful messages from people such as: “It is hard for me to believe that a specific hand position is a prerequisite, but rather a specific ‘soul position.’ “ “Yes, … Reiki Debate Part 2: Can You Learn Reiki Remotely? Read More »
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Animal Reiki Professional Development Programs for 2021

Announcing Animal Reiki Professional Development Programs for 2021

Hello friends,I’m super excited to announce my professional development program for 2021! This year’s program is new and improved, with each group meeting monthly instead of quarterly. Both Practitioner and Teacher Excellence programs include Let Animals Lead® teachings on important Animal Reiki topics, time for Q and A and many other member benefits. Membership closes … Announcing Animal Reiki Professional Development Programs for 2021 Read More »
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