A group of Animal Reiki practitioners and Kathleen with a horse

What is Animal Reiki?

The Let Animals Lead® method of Animal Reiki teaches animal-guided healing through meditation. This unique perspective on healing helps humans support animals. Techniques teach practitioners how to support their animals through difficult times with peaceful acceptance, through letting go of judgment, worries, the need to fix and the need to control outcome.

Reiki can be translated as “spiritual energy.” In many spiritual traditions, one’s spiritual energy is seen as the light of your innermost essence or soul. In the Let Animals Lead® method of Animal Reiki, our purposeful intention is to shine this compassionate light into the world to help ease the suffering of animals and their caretakers.

Through special meditations, we are re-aligning with our soul’s purpose in this world: to help each other. By dedicating our spiritual practice for the benefit of others, we help remind them of the perfect, powerful, healing light that shines within. No matter our species, we all are the light, simply different expressions of “Reiki” in the physical world. Through a foundation of Animal Reiki meditation practice, Let Animals Lead® method practitioners learn to listen to the wisdom of animals while nurturing an aspiration to live with compassion, loving-kindness and respect for all species.

For Kathleen, Animal Reiki has always been more than just an energetic therapy to be used periodically. In creating the Let Animals Lead® method, she teaches others a way of living each moment of each day with more compassion for all beings. Sharing Animal Reiki in this way means learning to meditate with your animals so we can navigate health challenges with grace. We also learn to listen to and be present for others in a compassionate space. The Let Animals Lead® method is focused on meditative techniques to help us walk side by side with animals and the people who love them, with peace and courage, even in difficult times.

What Does Animal Reiki Do?

Kathleen shares, “For me personally, Animal Reiki techniques have helped me to heal my lifelong battle with anxiety, and also brought me peace, strength, and balance in my recent battle with breast cancer. Animal Reiki has transformed the way I look at and relate to all beings on this planet. My passion and mission in this life is to share what I’ve learned to empower animals to guide the healing process, and to teach people how to connect more deeply with them by trusting this guidance. When we show up for animals in this way, seeing them as leaders and teachers, they are so pure and sensitive that they can feel it, are drawn to us and want to share with us and support us. A beautiful, peaceful, compassionate space of being present and living fully in each moment, a space that embraces, connects and encompasses all beings, all species, all life: this is Animal Reiki in action.”

Because the healing practices of the Let Animals Lead® method are focused on helping us remember our deep connection to our world, the more we practice, the deeper our healing can go. Because we are healing our inner essence and spirit, we often see ripples into the other layers of our being—spiritual healing through the dying process, or emotional, mental and physical healing throughout life’s journey. Kathleen calls this the “Animal Reiki ripple effect.” When we open our hearts and minds to peace, balance, clarity and harmony—in other words, the beauty of our world as it should be and our place in it—then healing, contentment, transformation and renewal with our animals will follow.

Kathleen has devoted the last twenty-two years of her life to the spiritual system of Reiki. A Reiki Practitioner since 1998 and a Master Teacher since 2002, she has studied Reiki in three lineages with four teachers. She also honors thousands of animal teachers around the world who have shown her how to trust the healing journey of the spirit. At Animal Reiki Source®, Kathleen has developed a unique program called the Let Animals Lead® method, that combines her deep knowledge and experience of Japanese Reiki traditional practices, with a special animal-centered protocol honoring the sensitivities, preferences and wisdom of our animal teachers.

Due to the simplicity and profound effectiveness of these teachings, thousands of students from all over the world have incorporated these techniques into their lives with great healing success. We invite you to walk with us on this amazing journey of healing transformation for yourself, for animals, and for the very heart of the planet.

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