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Learn Kathleen Prasad’s Let Animals Lead® method of Animal Reiki:
Animal-guided healing through meditation

The Animal Reiki Source® Academy offers the Let Animals Lead® method of Animal Reiki, which is not just a bold new approach to Animal Reiki, it’s also a model for advocating for holistic healing that is animal-led and supports living with compassion and loving-kindness in the world.


On-Location & Online Animal Reiki Training

We are so pleased to announce that we’ve resumed in-person classes and travel in 2023!
We are now offering Let Animals Lead® Meditation Immersion Days for our Level 1, 2, and 3 graduates.

a cute white fluffy pup hugs a little tabby kitten in a field of yellow wildflowers
animal reiki source® academy image showing a woman meditating beside a cat as part of the let animals lead method of teaching
a woman smiles as a beagle licks the side of her face in this image advertising the level 1 certification for animal reiki at the animal reiki source academy
a woman wearing a flower crown embraces and kisses a grey long-haired kitten in this image advertising level 2 animal reiki training in the let animals lead method with kathleen prasad
a man holds up an american eskimo pup and smooches its face in this animal reiki source academy level 2 certification image

On-Demand Animal Reiki Training:

The Let Animals Lead® Method Professional Practice Package

-Best Practice Guidelines for the Professional Animal Reiki Practitioner
-The Animal Reiki Ethics Audio Course
-How to Guide a Meditation Using the Let Animals Lead® Method
-The Future of Animal Reiki


The Let Animals Lead® Method Healing Support Package

-The Medicine Buddha Chant
-The Animal Healing Meditations
-The Hara and Precepts Meditation
-The Heal Yourself, Heal Your Animals Audio Series


The Let Animals Lead® Method Meditation Package

-How Animal Reiki is Different from Human Reiki… and Why it Matters
-Heart to Heart Animal Reiki
-Helping Animals with the Japanese Precepts
-The Heart Your Animals Series


Animal Reiki Change Makers Package

-100 Years of Reiki
-Transcendence Through Compassion
-Working with the Let Animals Lead® 21-Day Meditation Challenge
-The White Rose Meditation


Animal Reiki and Power Animals Package

-The 5 Power Animals Meditation Course
-Animals and the Elements Course 1: Meditating with Colors and Shapes
-Animals and the Elements Course 2: Meditating with Precepts and Affirmations


The Let Animals Lead® Method Foundation Package

-Introduction to the Let Animals Lead® Method
-Animals Should Always Lead Reiki: Your Ethical Blueprint for Honoring Animal Preference
-Volunteering Animal Reiki in Shelters and Sanctuaries, the Let Animals Lead® Way


The Let Animals Lead® Method Species Package

-Reiki Lessons from Animals
-Reiki for Cats
-Reiki for Dogs
-Reiki for Horses


Here at the Animal Reiki Source® Academy, we believe wholeness and peace are possible in this moment, whatever it looks like. We teach Reiki meditation strategies to achieve that balance and share it with animals.

In order to be certified in the Let Animals Lead® method of Reiki, students must complete a Level 1, 2, or 3 class with Kathleen or one of her Let Animals Lead® method teachers. Curious about what is taught in the 3 levels of certification? This special podcast with Kathleen explains Level 3 certification in the Let Animals Lead® method taught here at the Animal Reiki Source® Academy! There are also many on-demand classes offered here that provide an introduction to the Let Animals Lead® method, or opportunities for professional development in many specific areas.

25% of proceeds from all courses and products is donated to some of our favorite animal organizations: Lily’s Legacy Senior Dog Sanctuary, Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary, Medicine Horse Project, The CARE Foundation, Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary, Catskill Animal Sanctuary, Charlie’s Acres Farm Animal Sanctuary and Farm Sanctuary.

Not sure where to start?

One of Kathleen’s favorite on-demand classes is both in-depth and inspiring: Heart to Heart Animal Reiki is suitable for anyone interested in learning not only how to help themselves through meditation but also how to create an incredible bond with animals.  You can also study Level 1 Animal Reiki online with Kathleen. CLICK HERE for class schedule.  Applying the techniques taught in these courses will change your life with animals for the better!

Want a simple, powerful meditation to use everyday with your animals?

We recommend The Animal Reiki Guided Meditation on the Hara and Precepts.  This 30-minute meditation combines soothing music with the healing power of Kathleen’s voice to deepen your bond the animals you love.


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*Refunds given before the assigned course in emergency situations on a case by case basis. Otherwise, students are given credit to take the class within a year of their original sign up.
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