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Helping Anxious Animals with Animal Reiki

Helping Anxious Animals with Animal Reiki Animal Reiki—especially the Let Animals Lead® Method—is a wonderful healing modality for helping anxious animals. In this Animal Reiki Source blog, we’re going to take a look at anxiety in animals, go over the ways Animal Reiki can help, plus give you some really…

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The surprising story behind my dragon tattoo

I never, ever thought I’d get a tattoo. Not that I had anything against tattoos, but in my world, having a tattoo never even crossed my mind. Maybe because I was kind of a nerd in school. My best friend was a dog. I played on the badminton team in high…
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a woman meditates beside a wild capybara with its eyes closed allowing the animal agency to choose to connect with her or not

Animal Reiki and Animal Agency

Animal Reiki & Animal Agency: The Ultimate Guide to Empowering Animals Giving animals agency in Animal Reiki is at the heart of everything we practice in the Let Animals Lead® Method. We believe that all animals should always be given a choice about if, when, and how they interact with…

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Animal Teachers and Healers: Listening to Animal Wisdom

Animal Teachers and Healers: Listening to Animal Wisdom and Pillar 6 of the Let Animals Lead® Method In our journey towards understanding and connecting with animals on a deeper level, listening to the wisdom of animals as teachers and healers is the key to unlocking the potential for that connection….

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two elephants stand on the side of the road looking at the camera and teaching its operator to practice mindfulness with animals

Practicing Mindfulness with Animals with Animal Reiki Meditations

Practicing Mindfulness with Animals with Animal Reiki Meditations Practicing mindfulness with animals when they are going through stressful times is a way of offering them our pure presence and, often, this can be the greatest source of comfort and healing to them. With the Let Animals Lead® method of Animal…

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graphic for pillar 4 of the let animals lead method shows a woman meditating with a pig

Flexible forms of Meditation Used for Animal Reiki

Many years ago, animals helped me realize that informal, flexible forms of meditation can be equally as effective as traditional, formal meditation. Here’s a clip about this from a guest podcast I did a couple years ago. https://youtu.be/XjHIQIo9SPU?t=2608 Flexible Forms of Meditation Allow Us to Form Stronger Connections with Animals Contrary…

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How to Stay Positive during Animal Reiki Sessions

How to Stay Positive during Animal Reiki Sessions: Animal energy work and seeing past what’s “wrong.” Have you ever noticed how hard it can be to stay calm and positive while an animal is in distress?  It is very possible to stay positive during Animal Reiki sessions with animals who…

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How to create affirmations to help animals

Do you use affirmations in your life? I didn’t used to, but I swear by them now. In my life, I have seen that affirmations really open doors. When I am stuck in a place, I just start with affirmations, and it may take some time, but I always see…
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we should let go of the need to touch during animal reiki sessions like this woman offering reiki to a giraffe from afar

Why We Should Let Go of Our Need to Touch animals

We should let go of our need to touch animals during Animal Reiki sessions. There are so many reasons why the need to use our hands or put our hands on an animal during a Reiki session can slow down or stall an animal’s healing. In one of my previous…

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