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two elephants stand on the side of the road looking at the camera and teaching its operator to practice mindfulness with animals

Practicing Mindfulness with Animals with Animal Reiki Meditations

Practicing Mindfulness with Animals with Animal Reiki Meditations Practicing mindfulness with animals when they are going through stressful times is a way of offering them our pure presence and, often, this can be the greatest source of comfort and healing to them. With the Let Animals Lead® method of Animal…

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graphic for pillar 4 of the let animals lead method shows a woman meditating with a pig

Flexible forms of Meditation Used for Animal Reiki

Many years ago, animals helped me realize that informal, flexible forms of meditation can be equally as effective as traditional, formal meditation. Here’s a clip about this from a guest podcast I did a couple years ago. https://youtu.be/XjHIQIo9SPU?t=2608 Flexible Forms of Meditation Allow Us to Form Stronger Connections with Animals Contrary…

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How to Stay Positive during Animal Reiki Sessions

How to Stay Positive during Animal Reiki Sessions: Animal energy work and seeing past what’s “wrong.” Have you ever noticed how hard it can be to stay calm and positive while an animal is in distress?  It is very possible to stay positive during Animal Reiki sessions with animals who…

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How to create affirmations to help animals

Do you use affirmations in your life? I didn’t used to, but I swear by them now. In my life, I have seen that affirmations really open doors. When I am stuck in a place, I just start with affirmations, and it may take some time, but I always see…
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we should let go of the need to touch during animal reiki sessions like this woman offering reiki to a giraffe from afar

Why We Should Let Go of Our Need to Touch animals

We should let go of our need to touch animals during Animal Reiki sessions. There are so many reasons why the need to use our hands or put our hands on an animal during a Reiki session can slow down or stall an animal’s healing. In one of my previous…

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kathleen prasad gets a lick from her dog dakota the inspiration behind world animal reiki day

World Animal Reiki Day: The inspiration and meaning behind WARD

World Animal Reiki Day: The inspiration and meaning behind WARD and this year’s FREE SARA Conference celebrating it! In 2016, I organized and launched World Animal Reiki Day (WARD) with the help of volunteer members of my Non-profit Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA). WARD is a wonderful opportunity for all…

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a woman meditates in silhouette and light pours out of her chest as she shares distant reiki sessions with animals

Tips for Sharing Distant Reiki Sessions with Animals

Top Tips for Sharing Distant Reiki Sessions with Animals Sharing distant Reiki sessions with animals is a beautiful way to support them in their healing journey and it doesn’t matter where you are, physically, when you invite them to connect with you. Before we get into my top tips for…

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bono holds a lamb and talks about how to bring people together using animals as a commonality

We Can Bring People Together by Helping Animals

Wouldn’t it be nice to find more ways to bring people together by helping animals in 2023? In this post about bringing people together by helping animals, we’ll cover: For those of us living in the United States, we’ve just finished the midterm elections, and it seems everywhere you look,…

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an owl flying staring straight at the camera with yellow knowing eyes

12 animal quotes that will inspire you

I got to pet a super soft koala bear for the first time this week while visiting Featherdale Wildlife Park in Sydney, Australia. This trip Down Under—seeing the native wildlife, helping shelter cats and teaching Reiki classes—has allowed me the opportunity to slow down a little and reflect on the…
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