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New trend: Emotional Support Animals

How sweet is this: Superman star Henry Cavill was recently photographed at LAX with his dog Kal-El wearing a blue vest with the words: “Working. Do not pet. Emotional Support Dog.” And it’s also well-known that Ryan Gosling flies with his dog George, a registered Emotional Support Animal, or ESA. Despite …
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5 mindfulness lessons from our animals

Sometimes when looking at my dog, I notice how mindfulness appears to come so naturally to her. She doesn’t carry the weight of the world on her shoulders (OK, she’s a dog–of course she doesn’t!). But we can learn a thing or two from these mindfulness masters, our favorite cats …
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Fun ways to celebrate animals this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s is a great reminder every year to celebrate those you love … including the furry kind. Here are six fun (and unexpected!) ways for animal lovers to celebrate this weekend: 1. Love this! This year’s batch of Sweethearts heart candies have some cute new messages, including …
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Soul smoothies: nourish and flourish!

Making green smoothies and juicing are all the rage these days. In fact, I make a green drink for my family every single morning to get us going! After I nourish my body, it’s time to think about what I’m going to pour into my spirit for the day. What we …
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New food trend: faux fish

Dear friends, what are you up to this weekend? Tomorrow and Sunday I am excited to be teaching Reiki 2 at BrightHaven (though we will miss little Joey so, so much). Here are a few interesting and important links from around the web of things I’m grateful for today: 1. A …
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Signs your animal really loves you

Animals can’t talk, but they sure do convey pretty much everything they need to say, don’t they? This includes our animals showing their deep love for us. Mystic, my rescue dog, for instance, shows her love for me by wagging her whole body, including her tail—which wags like a giant …
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5 most inspiring animal amputees

I’m so amazed by the work being done by innovative prosthetists and veterinarians for amputee animals. Their forward-thinking work—often in the face of complaints such as, “Why would you spend so much time and money making a prosthesis for an animal, anyway?”—not only saves animals’ lives, but also often leads …
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