Heal Yourself, Heal Your Animals


Do you sometimes feel powerless to help your animals when they are sick or ailing?

Do you ever wish you were unflappable in the face of difficulty?

Ever wondered what it would be like to meditate with a tiger, fox, dove, butterfly or cow?

In this unique and inspiring audio course, Kathleen Prasad will introduce the art of meditating with animals for healing by visualizing power animals. This unique and powerful practice will deepen your bond with the animals in your life and open your eyes to the many gifts animals bring to this world.

Our animals depend on us to take care of them, but they also offer many blessings and life lessons if we’d only learn to listen to them. This course will offer many real-life examples, practical tips and one-of-a-kind meditations to help you open new doors to healing, respect and understanding of the animals in your life.

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Animal lovers, get ready to experience the benefits of meditation for you AND for your animals with five inspiring lessons and transformative meditations!

Join Kathleen Prasad for five hours of audio learning as we explore the ways to meditate with various animal species for healing. The deeper we explore these spiritual connections, the more able we are to create safety and sanctuary for the animals we love. We’ll see the world and its animals through new eyes as we explore how meditating with animals opens new doors to healing and strengthens peace, courage, joy and compassion in our lives.

In each hour-long audio, Kathleen will discuss easy ways we can improve our lives now through meditation and the teachings and wisdom of animals around us. You’ll learn how animals can change the way we view illness and struggle. You’ll also learn techniques to help you stay grounded and positive in even the most stressful situations.

Participants are invited to join Kathleen’s free monthly Animal Reiki Talk to share and ask questions.

Whether you already have a meditation practice, or if you are interested in starting one, adding animals will bring a powerful, new dimension to your life!

What You’ll Receive:

  • Lifetime access to your course through our special online academy experience.
  • This course includes five unique and illuminating lesson topics:
    • 1. Healing Illness with the Help of Animals and Meditation
      • The Tiger and Tree Meditation
      • The importance of grounding
      • Transforming the way we view illness
    • 2. Letting Go of Anger with the Help of Your Animals (Finding Peace)
      • The Dove of Peace Meditation
      • The power of peace and love to dissolve anger
      • Leaning into anger for transformation
    • 3. Letting Go of Worry with the Help of Your Animals (Finding Courage)
      • Meditation with the Butterfly
      • The power of positive thinking and love
      • Lessons from horses
    • 4. Letting Go of Ego with the Help of Your Animals (Finding Joy)
      • Meditation with Cow Energy
      • How meditating with animals supports healing
      • Learning joy from elephants
    • 5. Letting Go of Separateness with the Help of Your Animals (Finding Compassion)
      • Meditation with Fox Energy
      • How animals teach us about connection
      • Learning to listen to animal wisdom

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