Healing Gifts from Whales and Dolphins


Saturday, March 6, 2021

10am-11:30am Pacific time

How can whales and dolphins teach us about awakening to our soul’s purpose? 

In this special 90-minute webinar, the first in the Animal Wisdom Series, renowned holistic veterinarian and Reiki Teacher Ricardo Gare from Brazil and Animal Reiki expert Kathleen Prasad from the USA will teach two powerfully healing meditations to help you connect with the healing power of whale and dolphin energy. 

Meditating with water animals can empower us to remember with deepest clarity the wisdom of our soul. In doing so, we can reconnect with the central aims of our lives, shape our goals and identify purposeful steps towards becoming our best selves. 

This class will be offered on Zoom in English with a Portuguese simultaneous translation available if needed. Can’t make it live? All participants will receive the English video (and Portuguese audio recordings if requested).

In this class you’ll learn

  • How connecting with animals of the water can deepen human consciousness and compassion
  • How imbalance in our water element can cause suffering and how to support rebalancing of water within us
  • The role of embracing ebb and flow in creating a meaningful, happy life
  • The importance of Oneness and Interconnectivity. What we can learn from them and how we can improve ourself.
  • The connection between dolphins and joy. How can joy help our healing practices?
  • Whales as the keepers of earth wisdom. How can they help support us in our healing journeys?
  • How to make a difference for dolphins and whales in the world, now!

Plus, you’ll be guided in:

  • A special meditation with dolphin energy to help you understand who they are and receive their healing energy.
  • A special meditation with whale energy and whale song to help you call upon your deepest wisdom and insights about your soul’s purpose in this life.

Kathleen and Ricardo believe it is time for humans to wake up to the blessings that animals of the world are offering to us each and every day. This class is the first in the Animal Wisdom Series, and we hope this series of courses will support you in creating a more compassionate life! Find deeper wisdom and insights by meditating with the special animals in this series.  Don’t miss this unique opportunity to join the English and Portuguese healing community for the good of all beings!

Your Instructors:

Reiki Master and Teacher from Brazil Ricardo Gare

Ricardo Gare:
Master in Health Sciences, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, USP. Master in Reiki, Professional Animal Communicator, ThetaHealing Instructor and Therapist

Reiki Master and Teacher Kathleen Prasad from California

Kathleen Prasad:
Author, Animal Reiki Teacher and Founder of the Let Animals Lead® Method of Animal Reiki, Co-founder of The Shelter Animal Reiki Association


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