Let Animals Lead® Teacher of Excellence 2021


This is a special online professional development program for teachers of the Let Animals Lead® method of Animal Reiki. Be a part of a community of professionals that protects the dignity of animals in all interactions, believing in their right to have a voice and be equal partners in their own healing journey. The Let Animals Lead® method is an empowering, compassionate and humble way of being with animals that is truly unsurpassed in the Animal Reiki community. Kathleen’s teachings are authentic, insightful and deeply healing for both the practitioner and the animal. If you are an Animal Reiki Teacher wanting to inspire and transform your students by letting animals lead, this is the professional development program for you! Sign up by Jan. 10 to join this year’s program. 

If you’re a SARA member email Kathleen for a 10% off discount code.  

See below for details.

Let Animals Lead® Teacher of Excellence 2021


  • Trained in Level 3 Animal Reiki Teacher Training by Kathleen Prasad or one of her students (or student’s students) using the Animal Reiki Source training manuals.
  • Abide by Animal Reiki Practitioner Code of Ethics by Kathleen Prasad
  • Follow and promote the 6 Pillars of the Let Animals Lead® Method
  • To participate in live meetings, members must be able to connect via video (preferably) or audio on the webinar platform Zoom. All members will receive recordings of the meetings in video and audio formats.


  • Monthly Continuing Education classes with Kathleen Prasad. Each meeting will last 60 min – the first 30 min will include a deep dive into a relevant topic, and the last part of the hour will be open for Q and A from members.
  • A logo featuring your special status as a “Let Animals Lead® Teacher of Excellence 2021” for use on website, online platforms and professional and/or advertising materials.
  • A special listing, by geographic region, on a designated page in the “Train with Us” section on the ARS website.
  • Access to a special Facebook group to network with, share and support other members.

Scheduled Meetings and Topics: 4th Monday of the month (Dec. is the 3rd Monday), 1-2PM Pacific time

Jan 25: Goals and Aspirations

Feb 22:  LAL Method from the Shinpiden perspective

Mar 22:  Code of Ethics

Apr 26: Symbol and Mantra 4

May 24: Precepts and Animals

Jun 28:  Animal Totem Practice

Jul 26:  Healing through Presence

Aug 23: Reiju

Sept 27: Teaching Issues and Perspectives part 1

Oct 25: Teaching Issues and Perspectives part 2

Nov 22: Teaching Issues and Perspectives part 3

Dec 20: Year in Review

* Don’t miss this special professional development opportunity. The benefits of this program are valued at over $600/year, but Kathleen is offering a special price so that it will be accessible to many more of her students.


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