Reiki Lessons from Animals


Learn best practice tips for sharing Reiki with animals, and get motivated to do more good for the animals of the world.

If you’ve never experienced Kathleen Prasad’s gentle, yet inspiring energy and teachings in person, this video course is the next best thing.

If you’ve trained in Reiki for humans and want to know how to work ethically with animals, this course is a great introduction, plus you’ll get to know the person who sparked the Animal Reiki movement in the world today!

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This in-depth 45-minute video interview with Kathleen includes personal, touching stories as well as informative tips to improve your own Animal Reiki practice such as:

  • How animals led Kathleen on the Animal Reiki journey, and why it’s always best to Let Animals Lead®
  • Lessons in healing we can learn from shelter animals, and how we receive so much in return when we volunteer
  • How we can adapt protocol so that Reiki is acceptable to all animals, no matter how sensitive, timid or sick (We may mean well, but the way we approach humans isn’t the best way to approach animals.)
  • Tips for cultivating a state of mind that animals are drawn to, and learning what it is about our state of mind that they might not like
  • How seeing animals through the lens of our “Reiki eyes” will make animals come forward for Reiki and help us remain more positive.
  • Differences between human Reiki treatment and Animal Reiki treatment, and how understanding these differences is the key to success
  • How animals helped Kathleen heal from breast cancer, and how they can help you too, with whatever struggles you are facing
  • Some of the most unusual animals Kathleen’s shared Reiki with, and how no matter the species, we are all truly connected

What You’ll Receive:

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*Note: This course is part of the The Let Animals Lead® Method Species Package. CLICK HERE to order the complete package for special savings, plus receive lifetime access to the Let Animals Lead® Method Audio Library.


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